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In today’s ever-evolving IT-threat environment, up-to-date and comprehensive security solutions are no longer an option – they’re mandatory.

If your DD Organization suffers a data breach, you could lose your compliance standing and the trust of the individuals, families, and community that you serve. GO Concepts’ IT Security Solution is affordable, will protect your confidential data, and ensure your good reputation.

Why Is IT Security So Important?

Your DD Organization manages data that has value to hackers – it might be personally identifiable information (PII) used for identity theft or insurance fraud, financial data used to steal money, or protected health information (PHI) which is highly valuable for trading on the Dark Web. Protecting sensitive data is an ongoing challenge for DD Organizations in Ohio.

How Does It Work?

Our IT Security Services are delivered via the Cloud. This means you won’t have to purchase and maintain hardware or worry about licensing, updating or patching software. All of this is done for you by GO Concepts with reliable 24/7 monitoring to help you stay compliant and reduce risks to your organization.

How Much Will It Cost?

Everything is provided in our Managed IT Services at a fixed monthly payment that you can easily budget for.

What’s Included In IT Security From GO Concepts?

  • An anti-virus solution, firewall management, data encryption, email and web protection, and integrity monitoring to protect your information technology on many levels.

  • Security that promotes extensive visibility increased compliance, rapid response, and the ability to manage vulnerabilities and cyber threats across your entire organization.

  • Solutions to help you comply with HIPAA and many other regulations.

  • Security for your mobile devices and support for your BYOD (bring your own device) policy so your workforce can take advantage of mobility and flexibility without security worries.

  • Protection for your PCs, laptops, tablets, servers, and other computer devices such as point-of-sale machines using continuous cloud-based updates.

  • Tailoring to meet your organization’s unique requirements and ensure that today’s and tomorrow’s cyber threats don’t go undetected.

How Else Can You Benefit?

You won’t have to train staff to manage and monitor security. The skill sets required to monitor and handle security events are specific and complex. Plus the learning curve is steep and requires ongoing training. This is a huge investment that is typically never recouped. Instead, you can rely on our experts to ensure the security of your IT environment.

You’ll save time. The amount of time required to roll out standard security solutions is lengthy. With IT Security from GO Concepts, you’ll have everything that you need.

You’ll save money. You won’t have to tie up capital for extended periods of time or incur additional expenses trying to financial security solutions that will likely be obsolete in only 18 months.

Want To Learn More?
Contact the team at GO Concepts in Ohio. We’ll be happy to explain how our IT Security Service can work for you.
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