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GO Concepts Is Proud To Support Dye Hard 5K

GO Concepts proudly supported and participated in Clark County DD’s Dye Hard 5K event.

As a leader in the Ohio business community, the GO Concepts team understands ongoing success is about much more than a bottom line.

In addition to growing our network of clients and continuously improving our quality of services, it’s vital for us to give back to organizations in our great state that need it by supporting the charities and nonprofits that are important to our partners.

One of the organizations we’re proud to support, both in business and as a member of the community, is Clark County DD and their awesome and fun Dye Hard 5K event. GO Concepts has been a longtime sponsor and supporter of this event and we are very excited to see it back!

Clark County DD’s Dye Hard 5K event

Who Is Clark County DD?

Developmental Disabilities of Clark County in Springfield, Ohio is a team of more than 150 dedicated individuals who provide information, support, and services for people with developmental disabilities such as intellectual disability, autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and traumatic brain injury.

They currently assist over 1,100 Clark County residents throughout their lives with funding, support, safeguards, and connections with partner agencies. Their mission is “To empower people who have developmental disabilities to achieve their fullest potential.”

What is The Dye Hard 5K?

The Dye Hard 5K event raises funds for the Developmental Disabilities Endowment Fund of the Springfield Foundation. This year’s event saw hundreds of attendees take part to help support the endowment fund.

“We want our community to become passionate about people living with and affected by an intellectual disability, autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or a traumatic brain injury. By participating in the DyeHard 5K, you will show your support for some of our community’s most vulnerable citizens,” as stated on the event’s website.

This is Clark County’s primary annual fundraiser. As they like to say, “It’s a RACE and a PARTY!”  It was very much a community event, with well over 900 race participants and 200 volunteers assisting with managing the event.

How Does GO Concepts Support The Dye Hard 5K?

In addition to being a sponsor of the event, GO Concepts provided special commemorative wristbands for the Dye Hard 5K to provide to all those involved in order to mark the wonderful occasion.

Once again, we had team members participate in the event:

  • Brett Coburn, IT Consultant
  • Ted Mehlman, Business Development Coordinator
  • Joe Penney, IT Operations Director (along with his two children, Grant and Madeline)

“It was an excellent event with lots of energy and the dye really makes it unique,” says Ted Mehlman, GO Concepts Business Development Coordinator. “The volunteers and the outfits from the participants make the event a super fun experience… count me in for next year!”

We’re Looking Forward To Next Year

Don’t forget that learning a little more about these events is the easiest way to take part in your local community. This year’s Dye Hard 5K was a great success, and we can’ wait to see the turnout in 2023. Check them out online to see how you can support Clark County DD and its Dye Hard 5K… we hope to see you there!

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