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Clinton County Board of Developmental Disabilities

GO Concepts Client Spotlight

GO Concepts is honored to work with County Boards of DD throughout the state, including Clinton County Board of Developmental Disabilities. They are a committed organization providing undeniably important services, and we’re proud to play a role in the amazing work they do each and every day. They put it best… “Putting People First in Clinton County… Self Advocacy, Choice, Integration”

Clinton County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Who Is Clinton County DD?

Under the direction of Superintendent Kyle Lewis, Clinton County DD provides a range vital of services and support for residents of the county that live with developmental disabilities.

The organization’s vision is to empower all to embrace a community transformation that encourages integration and positive relationships committed to trust and acceptance. They accomplish this through their mission: to inspire people of all abilities to embrace the pursuit of self-advocacy, choice, and integration.

“We are extremely grateful to be the trusted partner of such an amazing organization as the Clinton County Board of Developmental Disabilities,” says John Gambill Jr., CEO, GO Concepts Inc. “Kyle is an incredibly dedicated and well-respected leader throughout Ohio, and his team works hard to provide caring and supportive services for those they are fortunate to serve in Clinton County.”

Founded in 1967, Clinton County DD has been steadily developing and expanding the services it provides. They currently work with around 300 individuals in the county.

They are proud to provide support to individuals over the course of their entire lifetime. From early intervention services to preschool and school-age support, to employment services, Clinton County DD is a constant source of support for those who need it.

Clinton County DD also facilitates community integration initiatives to seamlessly include individuals with developmental disabilities in community settings. They also have a Special Olympics program that features events in which people with disabilities can compete.  On June 11th, Clinton County DD will host a Track and Field event at Blanchester High School.  Admission is free and the Opening Ceremonies start at 7:00pm.  If you are interested in participating in any capacity, please contact Latasha Ruddle at lruddle@nikecenter.org.

Everything GO Concepts Does For Clinton County DD

As its trusted partner for IT services, GO Concepts offers a comprehensive managed service suite to Clinton County DD specifically tailored for County Boards. Our team works directly with the Clinton County DD staff to ensure their IT systems are optimized and their support needs are handled promptly.

Our comprehensive suite of IT services and solutions ensures that Clinton County DD’s staff can stay productive, secure, and operational:

  • Managed IT to keep their systems supported and optimized
  • Virtual Data Center (Private Cloud Virtual Servers) to support their remote access needs
  • Project Planning, Management, Implementation to ensure their upgrades and migrations are at or under budget and on schedule
  • On-site Support to provide in-person assistance whenever they need it
  • Hardware Sourcing and Set-up to take the work out of replacing their computers
  • Mobile Device Management to keep their staff active on the go
  • Strategic Consulting to help with their plans for the future of their organization

“They believe in the mission-critical importance of having the best information technology available and how that helps them deliver the best results they can,” says John Gambill Jr. “The fact they chose to have the best partner to help them achieve that ensures their focus can be on their mission and those that depend on them the most.”

Clinton County DD Needs Your Help!

We recognize the opportunity to work with Clinton County DD to be an absolute honor. After all, they do critically important work to support so many of our neighbors in the Clinton County community.

If you want to get involved, there are many ways to do so:

GO Concepts Is Proud To Be Clinton County DD’s IT Partner

The GO Concepts team is extremely proud to partner with such a long-standing and successful County Board like Clinton County DD. We wish them nothing but further success and growth in the coming years.

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