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Cloud computing has greatly enhanced capabilities for DD organizations. It provides access on-demand to various services via the Internet such as computer processing, software functionality, applications, and data storage.

GO Concepts Offers Private Cloud Solutions To Organizations In Ohio.

With our secure private cloud, you can store client data, financial records, legal documents, and other important information in the Cloud, instead of using expensive in-house servers.

What Is A Private Cloud?

It’s a form of cloud computing where your technology services are provided over a private IT infrastructure.

DD organizations like yours are using private cloud-computing technologies to leverage browser and mobile application-based services.

A private cloud is a worry-free solution. Your information won’t be shared or leaked to anyone.

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Computing?

Many DD organizations are starting to use some form of cloud service, and adopting cloud computing due to its value.

Cloud computing offers flexibility, cost efficiency, security, and scalability. Some of the specific benefits cloud computing provides include:

  • Increased Efficiency You can use cloud services for data security, document management, and workflow improvement. This will increase your organization’s efficiency. You’re dependent on your ability to process and access vital information. The Cloud gives you secure access to your documents and files with the click of a computer key.

  • Secure Confidential Information A private cloud is a great way to store confidential documents; you can restrict access to files to only authorized employees in your organization and ensure unauthorized individuals can’t access specific documents. Everything will be stored in our highly secured, private data center with 24/7 security monitoring and advanced access procedures that comply with auditing and legal regulations.

  • Flexible Access To Your Data The Cloud also offers flexible access to files in the event of a disaster. Cloud computing ensures that your employees can continue their work, even if a storm shuts down the office. It uses a virtual storage system that lets authorized staff log into your secure private cloud environment over the Internet from any location or device, and at any time.

  • Increased Security In addition, cloud computing provides enhanced security for documents and software containing sensitive information. Your DD organization can be held liable for a breach of confidentiality, which makes the private cloud a great option because of its advanced security technologies.

  • Increased Privacy Your organization must ensure client information remains private and protected. The Cloud is a great way to enhance privacy with its security and additional encryption capabilities. The truth is, many email services aren’t encrypted. You and your employees need efficient, private methods of communication. A cloud infrastructure provides this and is more secure and reliable than traditional premise-based systems.

  • Cost Savings Cloud computing offers compelling cost savings compared to traditional desktop-based solutions. The Cloud’s cost-saving benefits are driven by reduced hardware and software costs, as well as minimal up-front investments. Storage costs are also decreased compared to storing data internally on expensive hardware.

  • Increased Productivity Using cloud technologies can improve your organization’s productivity. Cloud computing offers an extensive amount of freedom for you and your employees to get work done regardless of the time and location. You can access software and data on virtually any device with an Internet connection, from your office, home, or even from a hotel when you’re traveling.

  • Scalability One of the greatest benefits of using cloud computing is its scalability. With cloud computing, you can easily increase your IT resources and capabilities as your organization grows, or scale back in slow times. You can increase your existing resources to accommodate growing needs or changes. And you can do this without making expensive changes to your existing IT system.

Learn how your DD organization can leverage the power of our private cloud services. Contact us and we’ll speak with you about the benefits of using the Cloud without sacrificing the confidentiality of your information.
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