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How Can The Cloud Save Your Organization Money?

Cloud-based technology is continuing to become increasingly popular with organizations and businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries, specialties, and governmental subdivisions. More than perhaps any other type of technology, the cloud has truly been able to claim that it has something to offer to absolutely everyone. And as the numerous organizations and businesses who’ve already embraced the cloud and everything this technology can bring to the table are aware, one of the best benefits of cloud-based technology is the impact it can have on your IT costs.

The cloud is able to sidestep many of the pricier aspects of purchasing and maintaining new technology and offer a few other great cost-saving solutions. There are many budget-friendly perks to cloud technology based on how you choose to use that technology, but there are three main cost-saving advantages that are universal to cloud users.

The Cloud and IT Services For Ohio DD Organizations

First is scalability.

Scalability offers your business a huge advantage by allowing you to pay only for the resources you’re currently using. If your needs increase or decrease at any point in the future, you can easily adjust things on the fly and continue to only pay for exactly what you need.

The second major cost-saving advantage is the removal of major capital expenses from the IT budgeting equation.

Hardware is expensive, as are the costs associated with upkeep, upgrades, and repairs. By moving to a cloud-based solution, the capital investment normally required for on-site server hardware is eliminated. That hardware is managed offsite by your cloud partner and any expenses after the fact that go along with that hardware are theirs to cover as well. The necessary maintenance and upgrades needed to keep those servers running also become the responsibility of your cloud partner.

Third, cloud-based solutions offer unbeatable data back-up protection, retention options, and disaster recovery solutions.

By having all your mission-critical data and applications stored in the cloud, your data is protected from threats that can affect your internal network and on-site systems. If anything does happen to disrupt your workday and threatens to tank your productivity, your cloud-based data backups are easily accessible to restore from at a moment’s notice. That way, you’ll never have to worry about losing productivity or disappointing clients thanks to costly downtime.

And these are just the cost-saving advantages to cloud technology. The flexibility, mobility, and accessibility these solutions offer can dramatically change the way your organization delivers its services.

This is all even further enhanced when it comes to the GO Concepts Private Cloud and the fact it is specifically designed for organizations just like yours and maintained by our skilled Managed Service Provider team, which is the leader in such services for those serving the developmentally disabled in Ohio.

Can the GO Concepts Private Cloud save my organization money?

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