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Help Your IT Team With Co-Managed IT for DD Services

You are a very large County Board!  There is one company that understands that, and we are built for you!

Aside from the many challenges organizations face, it is extremely important to consider the sheer scale of the challenges the larger ones, like yours, encounter. Our solutions are, and always have been, designed around scalability. In fact, they have been developed with the biggest in mind, so whether you’re a 1,000-staffed organization or much smaller, we have the solutions that perfectly fit with the size of your operation.

Since your organization is much larger than others, we truly understand your problems are much bigger.  Is your IT team struggling to begin or finish much needed projects?  Are they dominated by the issue of the day and working to stay on top of support requests?  This is not uncommon and it’s likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • Lack of Time: No matter how capable and efficient your IT team is, there are only so many hours in the day. Many times, IT staff are putting out daily fires, trying to keep up with updates, dealing with the latest cyber threat, and so much more. It leaves little to no time to get your critical projects done, which cuts down on productivity and morale.
  • Lack of Money / Inefficiently Spending Money: Surveys, research, and our own experience tell us businesses and organizations typically underspend on their IT and don’t properly address their needs.  With IT being mission critical and interwoven into your entire operation touching almost every aspect of it, you must be willing to commit the proper resources to fully realize how IT can effectively drive your organization.  This takes proper strategic planning, so those dollars are being spent in the most effective way possible and constant review to ensure you are not needlessly wasting your financial resources.  Oftentimes, money is not being spent properly which could leave you without the funds you need. Your organization may be overspending on software, licenses, systems, and other IT-related expenditures you don’t need, no longer use, or there is a better, more cost-effective solution.
  • Lack of Diverse Expertise: Depending on the project, it could involve a new technology that your internal staff doesn’t have experience addressing. With cyberattacks on a steep rise and no business or organization being safe, most internal IT staff members are not up to date on the latest cybersecurity measures and best processes to thwart or prepare for these threats. Learning about the technology in question may require extensive training and costly certifications. No internal IT team can be experts in every single technology your organizational processes rely on.  Add to that, staff members need vacations, experience illness, have family members to care for, and sometimes choose to follow other opportunities.

What’s the solution to help your large County Board get the level of IT it needs and deserves, while helping your existing IT team look like the rockstars they are? Simple… give your team a team!  Get the extra help you and they need with our Co-Managed IT for DD services!

What Is Co-Managed IT?

With our expert Co-Managed IT for DD services, we will collaborate with your existing IT staff as your co-managed partner. Working with GO Concepts will give you the advantage of having an entire team, an entire company of different experts, people that work 7 days a week, monitoring your network and data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and without paying additional salaries or benefits. It’s an affordable solution that allows you to expand your current IT resources to ensure you always have the technical support and expertise you need.  Most importantly, it is a team trained and focused on exactly what you do, supporting your mission, and helping ensure you can focus on what matters most; effectively and efficiently delivering vital services to the individuals you serve!  It’s why GO Concepts is “The Premier Information Technology Solutions Provider In Ohio For Agencies, Independent Providers and County Boards For the Developmentally Disabled.”

What Are the Benefits of Co-Managed IT?

Productivity And Efficiency: As your organization grows and evolves, you may need to scale up your efforts. Rather than hiring more internal IT staff, you can use a co-managed approach. This would provide the ongoing expertise for those projects that just seem out of reach, and, at the same time, provide the ongoing proactive support that is needed to make your organization the most productive and efficient it can be.  It gives your team a team of experts that understand the exact need and access to proven solutions which have helped other County Boards become leaders in information technology in Ohio.

Freedom of Focus: Without having to be bogged down by the cumbersome daily tasks of monitoring and overseeing network administration and the constant help desk requests, your internal staff can be part of bigger, more important IT functions, such as planning, design, and implementation in conjunction with its team of co-managed partners.  It moves them from firefighter to fire prevention and allows them to be part of ensuring how IT drives your organization.

Harness Expertise in What You Do: You will have the expert skills and extensive experience in supporting County Boards offered by your co-managed IT provider. Outsourcing IT companies on a ‘when needed’ basis can be costly and introduces several challenges… who is responsible, are there HIPAA concerns, do they understand what we do, do they care how this impacts our other systems, just to name a few. Save money with one low monthly cost by choosing a co-managed partner that will be there for you 24/7/365.

Get the Support and Resources You Need with Co-Managed IT for DD

Don’t let your projects sit unfinished any longer or your support tickets pile up!  Don’t let your team be overworked or feel they are just working on problems and not solving them, not moving your organization forward!  Talk to the GO Concepts team of County Board IT experts today to augment your internal team with support from ours.  And the goal couldn’t be more simple… to help your team look and be its best!  And your IT will be the best as well!

With a help from our team, you will:

  •   Eliminate overdue support requests for your end-users and vastly reduce day to day downtime.
  •   Start and complete major projects more quickly and effectively.
  •   Have the freedom to strategically devote your internal IT staff capabilities where they’re most needed, without overworking them.
  •   More effectively and efficiently, not to mention properly, spend your IT-related dollars.
  •   Be an IT driven organization and leader in Ohio when it comes to secure, reliable, and effective information technology!

The quality and effectiveness of your IT team are up to you. Will you give them the best resources and expert support they need to succeed… for you to succeed?

GO Concepts is here to provide the extra help you need.  Click here to get started or call us at (513) 934-8235.

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