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Co-Managed IT Services

Being the IT professional for a DD-related organization or business is a busy job and can be overwhelming, especially when the “issue of the day” tends to dominate available time causing needed technology projects to pile up and you to experience ongoing delays. Add to that the constant cybersecurity threats you face, the constantly changing nature of technology, and the vast requirements of state regulations and HIPAA compliance as they relate to your network, data, staff, and information technology. You also have the issue of illness, vacations, and unexpected time away from work that don’t just impact your operations but can stop you in your tracks. Wouldn’t it be great to have DD organization and business specific expert help to enhance your staff and ensure those worries don’t happen? What if you could have ongoing assistance from IT professionals who understand exactly your industry specific needs and who work alongside you and your IT staff to get the job done right, eliminate single issues dominating a day, and get long desired and needed projects completed?

GO Concepts is highly skilled and experienced at working with IT staff members from DD-related organizations and business in Ohio. Co-Managed IT for DD Service provides the additional team, knowledge and experience needed to get things done effectively and in a cost-conscious way.

How Will Co-Managed IT for DD Service Help Me?

Our Co-Managed IT for DD service will provide the extra help you need on an ongoing basis helping you shift your IT from reactive to proactive and giving them their time back, so they can better focus on how IT can help drive your organization. It will reduce risk, improve efficiency, and save time! It’s a solution that offers several benefits, including…

  • Expanded Expert Staff – get a team of experts in all areas vital to your needs
  • Constant Monitoring – making sure your operations are available 24x7x365
  • Tools – providing your staff remote tool, reports, and monitoring
  • Experience – we understand your needs and work with your software vendors
  • Less Worry – we take over mundane tasks, respond to issues

How Will Co-Managed IT Services Ease My Burdens and Frustration?

If your staff is having difficulty keeping up with their workload, we can supplement their efforts. They can focus on higher-level duties while we not only fill in the gaps, but take over mundane tasks, respond to issues that arise, and work to implement desired projects. This not only provides the time you need to manage more important items on your plate but can prevent staff from being overworked, frustrated, and searching for help on things where they don’t have the needed expertise.

How Do Co-Managed IT Services Address Day-To-Day Support?

Staff often find it challenging to complete daily tasks. User support, troubleshooting, and ‘issues of the day’ can take time away from higher-level tasks. We provide the day-to-day support, systems and server monitoring, and proactive solutions so your staff can tend to higher-level objectives and initiatives like HIPAA compliance, IT strategy, data analytics to increase efficiency and improve customer service. They can focus on how IT drives your organization, while our team helps make sure it does! Plus, we’re HIPAA compliant, so as your business associate you won’t need to worry about this.

Can Co-Managed IT for DD Services Make IT-related Pricing More Predictable?

Our Co-Managed IT for DD service will provide the coverage you need without surprise expenses. We offer reliable coverage with proactive IT management for tasks like scheduled maintenance, remote monitoring, help desk services, and account management. You’ll have better coverage and at a price you can depend on that stays the same each month. With a per user per month fee, you know your exact costs and it scales as your staff size changes, so you only ever pay for exactly what you need.

Is Co-Managed IT for DD Service Scalable?

Absolutely… this is one of the great features! As your DD organization grows or takes on more projects, you need to scale up your efforts. Rather than hiring more staff or bringing in general consultants, which both get very expensive, you could have our Co-Managed IT for DD Service and already have our team ready to go working with you to properly plan, execute, and implement. And as your overall staff size changes, the service scales with you, so you can rest assured everyone is covered, getting the support and services they need, and you only pay for those you have.

Does Co-Managed IT for DD Service Provide Increased Security?

When you use our Co-Managed IT for DD service, we not only managed and provide security for your network and data, we also include additional security services like training staff on security awareness, perform simulated phishing email testing, scan and monitor the Dark Web, conduct vulnerability assessments, and much more so you can rest easy at night knowing you have the highest level of security for your staff and operations.

Does Co-Managed IT for DD Service Include Consultant Services?

Yes… we become your partner! Information technology is integral to your DD organization and with the constant threats from bad actors and the ever-changing nature of technology, it is vital to have expert advice and guidance as you plan for the future. We don’t just work for you; we work with you to insure your short-term and long-term plans include the impact to and of IT on your budget and operations. Our vCIO (virtual CIO) services are included and we will meet with you regularly to ensure you always know where you stand and help you plan for where you are going. When it comes to projects, whether IT-focused or IT-involved, we are there to help you every step of the way… research, plan, budget, review, implement, test, and certify. We help ensure you get the right solution and the best solution for your needs.

A Broad Range Of Technical Expertise With What DD Organizations Need

Whatever you need, we have the specialists for your ongoing IT needs and projects. We know your day-to-day IT team is awesome, but they may lack specific skills, experience or the time to implement projects. Our Co-Managed IT for DD service provides all of this without having to hire additional staff. Our team becomes your team!

Contact GO Concepts to learn more about our Co-Managed IT for DD services, and how we can help make your IT staff the best they can be!

For more information about how we can assist you and ensure you don’t worry about IT, contact the experts at GO Concepts…. The Premier Information Technology Solutions Provider for Agencies, Independent Providers, and County Boards of DD.

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