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What Happens When Information Technology is Strategically Woven Into Your Organization?

A 21st-century developmental disabilities organization can’t rely on having a few computers, a wireless connection, a firewall, and calling it a day. Your technological infrastructure can bring wonderful tangible and intangible benefits, enabling you to better serve those in need while meeting organizational objectives. IT can no longer be looked at as just a department within the organization. It is a layer that touches all your operations and staff.

Gone are the days of information technology being a separate asset or “necessary expense” that’s only consulted when something isn’t working, breaks or goes wrong. It’s time to future-proof your organization – thinking, planning, and building every aspect of your organization with information technology in mind.

Ohio Organization For Developmental Disabilities Receiving IT Services

What aspect of your organization DOESN’T involve technology to some degree?

Chances are, it’s hard to find an aspect of your organization that doesn’t involve information technology. Think about it…

  • Administrative tasks
  • Marketing and community awareness
  • Inventory and supply management
  • Payroll processing
  • Customer service
  • Case management

IT needs to be considered and consulted on throughout virtually all operations. This is why the reactive approach of break-it fix-it IT support is no longer sufficient. You can’t wait until something breaks to deal with it. When you’re leveraging break-it fix-it IT support, there’s no proactive monitoring and maintenance to prevent issues from happening or to detect and mitigate them before they impact your operations and staff. Because, when issues impact your staff, ultimately, they impact those you serve. This is especially true in today’s world of constant cyberthreats and the worry of breaches and ransomware.

How does investing in managed IT services align with the idea of embracing digital transformation?

Digital transformation refers to the concept of leveraging technologies to improve processes, develop new capabilities, and ultimately, alter your business model to suit the needs of 21st-century clients and consumers. A change of mindset is necessary – going from scrambling to address technology issues to using technology strategically with proactive monitoring and maintenance that prevents issues from happening in the first place. This frees you up to focus on the things you do best – delivering the services you need to achieve your mission.

What looks better to an organization’s supporters, voters, stakeholders, and staff – responding in “crisis mode” to a technology problem or avoiding technology problems in the first place? Compliance with rules, laws, and regulations such as HIPAA all comes back to information technology. You either make this a priority and prepare – ensuring technology is woven into your overall organization – or you’re forced to prioritize when a violation, breach, or audit occurs.

How do you know when your information technology is healthy in terms of security and performance?

Gone are the days of determining the health of your information technology based on how well your PC and devices are working. “Mine works fine” or “It works for me” or the “we haven’t have an issue yet” isn’t an accurate reflection of what’s happening in terms of security, performance, and efficiency. Managed IT services, on the other hand, means you’re constantly gathering insight and documentation into the health of your:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Mobile devices
  • Tablets
  • Printers/copiers
  • Data accessibility
  • Storage/backup/retention systems
  • Disaster recovery solution processes
  • Efficiency
  • And much more

Lastly, there are no longer limited options or basic solutions. There is no need to accept “ok” or “good enough” or “no issues yet” when you’re talking about your information technology. As the popular commercial says, “just ok is not ok.” There are better options available – limitless expertise that will keep your information technology as healthy as possible while protecting you against constant threats from hackers looking to target the vulnerable.

Next time you’re asked about your information technology, your answer should be “we don’t have to worry about IT, we have GO Concepts!” Contact us at sales@go-concepts.com or (513) 934-8235 today to book a consultation with a strategic IT advisor. We are The Premier Information Technology Solutions Provider In Ohio For Agencies, Independent Providers and County Boards For the Developmentally Disabled.

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