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Does Your Internal IT Team Need Backup?

Are you looking for a way to support your internal IT department but not sure if adding a partner is a good choice?

The greatest limiting factor we see with large organizations like yours is not enough IT personnel or the breadth and depth of expertise required. With a large organization, trying to get things done on that scale can be difficult. Your staff can only achieve so much, you only have so many days in the week, only so many hours in one day. One person can only achieve so much. What if that one person gets sick or goes on vacation?

GO Concepts will collaborate with your existing IT staff as your co-managed IT partner to give you the advantage of having an entire team, an entire company of different experts, people that work 7 days a week, monitoring your network and data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We understand the many challenges organizations face. We consider the scale of challenges bigger organizations, like yours, have to overcome. Our solutions are, and always have been, designed around scalability. Whether you’re a 20-staffed organization or a 2,000-staffed organization, we have the solutions that will scale with the size of your operations. Since your County Board is much larger than others, we understand your problems are much bigger.

Most DD organizations today depend heavily on IT to fulfill various day-to-day operations. A robust IT infrastructure is crucial for almost every aspect of your daily activities. You should, therefore, ensure a capable IT team is behind you. Some of the reasons why DD organizations in Ohio are choosing co-managed IT services include:

  • Their internal IT team is not large enough to focus on high-level IT projects and handle daily routine tasks such as troubleshooting, data back-ups, software upgrades, and more.
  • Their in-house IT staff lack the technical expertise or up-to-date cybersecurity techniques.
  • Outsourcing to multiple IT companies when needed is costly and takes time to diagnose and resolve problems.
  • There is a lack of efficient solutions in place.

What is Co-Managed IT Services?

Co-management involves partnering with an IT services provider to augment your IT department’s capabilities.

What are the Advantages of Co-Managed IT Services?

Some of the main advantages of co-management are:

  • Higher Productivity: Co-management allows for round-the-clock IT support leading to shorter downtimes.
  • Lower Spending: Since MSPs typically charge a flat-rate monthly fee, co-management makes it easier to develop an accurate IT budget and minimize waste.
  • Greater Network Security: Having access to an MSP’s robust IT infrastructure and best practices ensures your crucial data remains safeguarded against threats.
  • Team of Seasoned Experts: With co-managed IT support, you can access a team of dedicated IT personnel with expert knowledge and experience. That guarantees you receive high-quality service when you run into IT issues.
  • Planning/Technology Consulting: Co-Managed IT offers you a dedicated team that can objectively assess your company situation, draw real conclusions, give you options, and find lasting solutions.

You don’t need to revamp your entire IT department. Beef it up with a team of experts that can supplement your IT services. Many DD organizations have started considering co-managed IT services to enjoy the best of both worlds and several across Ohio choose to work with the team at GO Concepts.

Ready to Leverage Co-Managed IT Services for Your DD Organization in Ohio?

GO Concepts is enthusiastic about helping your organization in Ohio benefit from co-managed IT services. As the leading Managed IT Services Provider for Ohio’s County Boards of DD, we are ready to provide IT solutions that address your specific needs.

For more information, click here to get in touch with us or call us at (513) 934-8235 to schedule a consultation.

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