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Is It Time to Retire Your Equipment?

As we wind up 2020,  leaders are finalizing their budgets for 2021. Proactive technology upgrades and replacements should be a part of every organization’s planning.

After all, outdated technology is one of the top 5 reasons for IT downtime and disruption.

But how do you know when to repair versus replace?

Your hardware may already be giving you hints.


In our new work-from-home arrangements, laptops may be the most critical piece of technology in our IT program. Most experts agree that a laptop should be replaced approximately every three years — or when the current service contract expires.

Keeping laptops longer than that will create a limited range of tasks users can perform, as it will be less capable of running advanced applications.

Signs of impending failure include slow startup and shut down, long wait times to open applications, compatibility challenges with the latest operating versions and general user frustration.


Desktops are still used by many organizations, even though laptops are typically preferred by most users.

Desktop computers still offer greater flexibility in customization, making them a fit for complex use cases. As desktop computers are stationary, they should be cleaned routinely to be kept free of excessive dust or debris.

Just as with laptop computers, the professionals at GO Concepts recommend that desktops be replaced every three years once the warranty has expired. This helps ensure that you have the most up-to-date hardware to meet the fast-moving needs of business.

Signs of decline are generally the same as laptops: long waits, compatibility challenges and frustrated users.


Proper server management is a crucial component of maintaining a secure and reliable IT infrastructure. From hardware and software, security to backups, servers are constantly under stress. The majority of servers have a usable lifespan of approximately three years, or about the same as both laptops and desktop machines.

Malfunctions and catastrophes caused by dated servers can impact a business more widely than a laptop or desktop crash, so many groups place the highest priority within their IT budgets on server maintenance and proactive replacement.

Get Proactive Replacement Advice from the Experts at GO Concepts

GO Concepts creates budget-friendly replacement strategies while protecting uptime and productivity.

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