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Currently Searching For An IT Management Solution For Your Development Disabilities Board?

Maintaining the IT infrastructure at your developmental disability organization can be a challenge. IT management at DD boards is torn in different directions; beset on all sides with requests for confusing compliance reporting as well as strict security procedures. This split focus can make it difficult to move your organization forward and provide the needed updates to current software and hardware.

The continued evolution of data privacy policies complicates the ability of even the most well-staffed IT department to wrangle connections and security. The sensitive data about your clients and patients must be handled with the utmost security. However, it’s also critical that individuals both inside and outside your organization are able to quickly and easily gain access to the information they need to successfully support the goals of your organization. This tension can slow down progress within your organization.

Benefits of IT Management for DD Boards

As organizations grown and evolve, their data and IT services needs can change dramatically. This is especially true of boards and agencies handling highly confidential data and sensitive matters such as caring for individuals with developmental disabilities. Older database connections can be difficult to protect, with platforms no longer being supported and patches becoming increasingly difficult to apply in a timely manner. Protecting this information is of the utmost importance, and one of the best options to maintain stringent security procedures is by looking at a cloud infrastructure in Ohio as a storage solution. On-premise storage solutions have been successful for many years, but today’s cybercriminals are willing to take extraordinary measures to gain access to information you believe is secure.

Options for Cloud Infrastructure in Ohio

Knowing that your data is near to hand and safely stored in Ohio can be a huge benefit to developmental disability boards and their leadership. This geographic proximity, storage, and support by a local IT outsourcing partner helps support your peace of mind knowing that your sensitive data is fully secure and that you are supported. At GO Concepts, we encourage you to leave the concerns about IT to us — while you focus on the critical business of caring for your constituents.

Is Cloud Storage Expensive?

One of the key benefits of cloud storage and IT management for DD boards is the ability to fully budget for the year without concern for unexpected overages. When you are working with a tight budget, it can be extremely difficult to find additional funds for break-fix issues or a security breach. When you outsource your IT management and cloud storage to a trusted partner, you’ll find that your costs stay much more stable throughout the year.

Over time, you are likely to spend less on cloud-based storage and IT infrastructure simply because you are not having to coordinate additional assistance on short notice. The cost of a data breach can be extensive, between the time required out of daily activities to notify constituents and your community as well as remediation of the breach. When you’re working with a team that provides IT management for DD boards, you have an ally who will be by your side through each step of the process to get you back online and running quickly.

Is It Difficult to Move Data to the Cloud?

There are some considerations when you are moving data to the cloud, such as the number of original data sets and platforms that you will need to access in this new paradigm. None of these issues are insurmountable, but they may take some time to work through. When you have a trusted and knowledgeable partner on your side, what seems like an overwhelming task is broken down into reasonable chunks that allows you to move forward. Having data and systems available in a cloud-based infrastructure allows you easier access to the tools and information that you need to support your community — as well as having the high level of security that your organization and compliance needs demand.

Making a shift to the cloud doesn’t happen overnight. However, the benefits of making the move far outweigh the challenges. When you have someone by your side to support your technology needs, you can focus on what’s most important to your developmental disability board: your community.

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