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Our ‘Skin in the Game’ Is What We Do and How We Do It

We always appreciate the opportunity to meet with potential clients and we really enjoy getting great questions. One of the best we have ever been asked, “What’s your skin in the game?” It is really a great question and one your organization should be asking of any potential IT partner. Why? It’s simple… many developmental disabilities related organizations, and businesses in general, have been let down when it comes to their information technology support provider before. How? The most common challenge we’ve heard is, IT companies pushing their clients to buy, buy, buy, so they can increase their own revenue. In many cases, they’ll push the “latest and greatest” and use claims like:

  • It’ll give you a competitive edge
  • It’ll save you money in the long run
  • It’ll help you better serve your customers

Here’s the thing: In many cases, the latest and greatest WILL do all the above. But if your IT company is pushing every new piece of hardware or software on you, chances are, it’s not about you – it’s about their own bottom line. They upsell the equipment to make a profit, then charge you more, per month, to manage the added technology within your environment.

That’s not our way of doing business and we’ll tell you why…

First and foremost, you are what we do! Since 2013, we’ve been completely focused on County Boards of Developmental Disabilities and DD-related organizations and business. In fact, we can proudly claim to be the only company in Ohio doing so and that we are the premier information technology solutions provider in Ohio for agencies, independent providers, and county boards for the developmentally disabled. That’s right… we’re 100% committed to ensuring you have a great experience throughout every aspect of our relationship. We understand your specific needs and we know the best solutions to address them. We are not trying to be that general practitioner that tries to adapt to many different types of clients. We are a specialty partner that doesn’t have to adapt, adjust, or learn what you do because like we said, you are what we do!

In the simplest terms, if we disappoint you, our business is negatively impacted in the DD universe that we proudly serve.

So, what do we do differently? We’ve uniquely positioned ourselves as the specialist that knows exactly what you do and what you specifically need. We don’t target other types of clients or businesses to fall back on. You simply can’t get the level of experience, focus, service, and ultimately, results from a general-focused company. And because we’re focused on you and you alone, we’re committed to making it an incredible experience for you.

Just as critical is the how we do it portion and that is what further sets us apart from others claiming they provide the service you need. Whether it’s “the local company” or support provided via your county, or even a company that may have some experience working with a DD organization or two, none of them can compete with a company that specializes specifically in County Boards of Developmental Disabilities and DD-related organizations and business, especially one that works with so many such entities and of varying sizes; we work with some of the smallest to some of the biggest in Ohio.

So how do we do it and how do we protect you from the “buy more, so the IT company makes more” trap? It’s simple really… we work with you as your strategic partner with a goal of saving you money when and where we can, while helping you to better and more effectively plan your IT-related spending. Four areas that clearly show this…

  1. You pay per user, not per device: This means we have no financial incentive to convince you to purchase more devices. We support YOU, the user, not the technology. We want you to have all the technology you need to effectively do your job, without worrying about the cost of supporting that technology. Also, if you need to add a staff member, you know exactly what it costs to get them supported.
  2. You don’t have to buy your hardware anywhere specific: We’ll recommend the minimum specifications that would be best for the given need, but we don’t require you to purchase from a single manufacturer or vendor; meaning, you aren’t required to buy from us or any of our vendor partners. You can be assured, we will do our utmost to make the price, value, and convenience as best we can, so you can confidently buy from us if you choose. We are proud to be able to say all our clients do typically choose to purchase their hardware from us due to our committed efforts to help them save money. And, Lenovo is our partner of choice for their fantastic corporate-grade hardware, support, and warranties, but we can source whatever brand you desire.
  3. You get an inclusive solution: Our per user, per month service is the most inclusive solution available to developmental disabilities related organizations anywhere in Ohio. We understand your unique needs and we’ve designed our service around them and to specifically address them. The features and services bundled into our solution are exactly what you need to support and protect you today and to help strategically propel you into the future.
  4. You get scalability: Whether it’s our full Managed IT for DD service where we are your complete outsourced provider, our Co-Managed IT for DD service where we work with your existing IT staff, or our Virtual Datacenter solution taking you to our secure Private Cloud in our own datacenter saving you from having to have costly server hardware at your location, we are able to dynamically scale up or down to your needs. This ensures you are only ever paying for exactly what you need and are using each month.

So, what are the highlights of our IT for DD service designed specifically for developmental disabilities related organizations? Aside from being a complete solution that removes the information technology support and operations burden from your staff, we have a proven track-record for providing managed IT services and virtual private server solutions to those in Ohio.

Let’s look at what’s included…

  • Proactive Technology Management – Workstations: Patch Management/Updates, Anti-Virus/Spyware Software and Management, Desktop Monitoring, Desktop Optimization, Microsoft Office License (Virtual Datacenter required), New PC Configuration, Asset Management, Local Admin Password Solution
  • Proactive Technology Management – Workforce: Password Real-Time Blacklist, Security Awareness Training, Simulated Phishing Attacks, Dark Web Assessment, Mobile Device Management, Automated User Account Provisioning and Decommissioning, Optional Two-Factor / Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA/MFA)
  • Network Administration: Domain Name Hosting and Management, Network Management, Network Monitoring, Wireless Network Management, Best Practices, Compliance Policy, Continuous Vulnerability Management
  • Technology Consulting – vCIO: Project Design, Budget Planning, Technology Summary, Organization Impact of Technology Decisions, Hardware Procurement, Strategic Planning
  • Reactive Support Services – Customer Support Team & Help Desk: End User and IT Staff Level Phone Support, Answer “How To” Questions, Remote Support, Optional Onsite Support, Problem Isolation & Resolution, Vendor Management
  • Email: Private Cloud Hosted Microsoft Exchange, Email Archiving, Email Encryption, Anti-Virus, Spam Filtering, HIPAA Compliant

Let’s look at some of the key benefits…

  • You get a complete IT solution! We remove the IT support and operation burden from your management and staff
  • GO Concepts has a proven track record providing Managed IT and Virtual Datacenter (Virtual Private Servers) to several developmental disabilities organizations in Ohio
  • We are ready to support your staff day one
  • Email migration is included at no cost
  • Each email account includes 50GB of storage, anti-virus, and anti-spam. In addition, each account has unlimited email archiving and encryption
  • HIPAA compliant email service with secure portal with custom policies to trigger automatic encryption
  • New PC workstation, laptop, tablet and mobile device setup included at no cost
  • Virtual Datacenter includes Microsoft Office licenses for the entire organization during the life of the agreement. Be up to date with the latest Microsoft Office suite
  • GO Concepts’ Private cloud servers get you up to a supported operating system and are always current
  • Virtual Datacenter’s Remote Desktop environment provides a consistent desktop experience
  • Virtual Datacenter includes full data back-up, retention, and disaster recovery solution included
  • All data is the property of your organization. Optionally data can be replicated to your premise nightly
  • Supports your current and future mobility needs (i.e. MDM, VPN)
  • Layered HIPAA Data Security – Policies, procedures and technologies to protect your private data
  • Ongoing Security Awareness Training, Simulated Phishing Email Testing, Dark Web Breach Assessment and Monitoring.
  • Unlimited Help Desk Support and Unlimited Support Hours to ensure your staff members are always productive.
  • 24×7 Proactive Management and Monitoring provides security and privacy, so your electronic information will stay secure and private with our defense-in-depth solutions that detect, block, and eliminate cyber threats!
  • Vendor Management means we fully understand the software you use, so we liaison with your vendors to make sure all your information technology integrates seamlessly and works as expected

All of that for a predictable monthly fee that dynamically scales to your need and so you have the absolute best information technology solution in Ohio for your staff, organization, and those you serve!

Our team is here to help you strategically leverage information technology in a cost-efficient manner – because what you’re doing is important, so why not make sure you have the best solution available to you and we’ll help ensure you’re getting more done for less! Call (513) 934 – 8235 to learn more.

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