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March Is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Did you know that March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month? It’s a great opportunity to learn a little more about developmental disabilities and those who live with them in your community.

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month is all about promoting knowledge and understanding of the many disorders that those around you may live with. The more you know about them, the more accepting and inclusive we can all be for those living with it.

As a specialized IT support provider for developmental disability organizations, the GO Concepts team has had the honor of working with and getting to know many people who live with Developmental Disabilities. We cherish the opportunities we’ve had to get to know them better.

All About Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

National Developmental Disabilities (DD) Awareness Month was launched in 1987 as the result of a presidential proclamation. The intent is to bring awareness and acceptance for people of every ability.

In the nearly four decades since its start, numerous organizations across the country have begun recognizing the month with a range of events that help raise awareness and promote opportunities for people with disabilities.

How DD Organizations Are Recognizing Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Have a look at some of the events planned for the month in Ohio—we urge you to take part where and when you can:

Your local DD organization – checkout the website and social media of your local DD-related organizations to see what is going on in your area and how you might provide support.

  • Ohio DD – learn what the State of Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council is doing.
  • NACDD – The National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities launches a social media campaign every March to promote awareness of the inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of modern life. A key aspect of the campaign is the promotion of art created by persons with developmental disabilities. Visit their website to learn more, and to submit artwork to be featured in the campaign.

Celebrate Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Don’t forget that learning a little more about these events is the easiest way to take part in Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. The more you know about a disorder that affects so many people in our country and around the world, the more you can do to create an inclusive world for them.

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