Providing mobile work solutions is vital for organizations that want to increase productivity and employee satisfaction. And developmental disabilities organizations are no different. Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops and IT solutions allow employees to safely access your organization’s resources and stay productive wherever they have a secure internet connection,

Mobile Solutions Increase Employees’ Productivity

In addition to working from home, your mobile workforce can take their job with them on visits, to offsite meetings and work conferences. The two best things that you can do to help your employees increase their productivity are:

  1.   Letting them use mobile devices for work-related purposes.
  2.   Encouraging them to take advantage of the mobile IT solutions you provide.

Employees Have Direct Access To Resources: Mobile productivity is more than teleworking. Employees in the field can have direct access to your DD organization’s files and digital resources. They’ll have the information they need at their fingertips when working outside your office.

Reduce Time Duplicating Tasks: Employees working in the field no longer have to return to the office to transcribe information they’ve already worked on. This saves on duplication of tasks, time and frustration.

Mobile Staff Can Keep Up With Their Email: With remote access to email, they’re more likely to be quickly accessible when someone needs them. They’ll be more responsive to requests, concerns and questions.

They Can Stay Current On Projects: Software solutions like Brittco, MediSked, and Primary Solutions are either cloud-based so you can enter data using a web browser and store it securely, or can be adapted to be accessible with technologies like Remote Desktop. This means your employees can access your data wherever they have a secure internet connection without worry of HIPAA noncompliance.

Mobile Employees Can Virtually Attend Meetings and Conferences while saving money on travel. With software solutions like Skype, Google Hangout, GoToMeeting and others, your staff can participate in video conferences. Mobile devices allow for a robust meeting experience with video, screen sharing and real-time collaboration tools. And the results of their work group are completed as soon as the meeting is over.

Web-Based Software Provides The Secure Access They Need: Software solutions designed for DD organizations provide the security and accessibility you need. They allow your staff to create documentation for service delivery and activities when they’re outside the office.

Web-based applications can replace paper documentation and increase accuracy. They provide real-time entries for attendance, notes, goal activity, and service delivery directly from the service location.

Mobile Solutions Provide A Better Work-Life Balance.

When your employees are allowed to work on the go, or from home, they can get work done when children are sick, when they have appointments outside the office, when traveling to conferences out of town, and when the office is closed for any reason.

Mobile solutions allow for a flexible work environment. You won’t have to depend on 9 to 5 hours. Your employees can work over the weekend or after hours if required.

Rather than coming into the office early to find out what they need to know for the day, they can check online before they leave the house and be up to speed.

There’s No Reason To Resist Going Mobile Any Longer

Mobile devices today are so advanced that almost anything your employees can do in the office, they can do remotely. There may be limitations on computing power, or smaller screen sizes, etc., But, with the right IT setup, security monitoring, software applications and hardware, most of the tasks your employees do at work can be done safely on mobile devices.

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