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Sometimes your Internal IT team can get overwhelmed with projects that pile up in busy times. You can help them out by outsourcing some of the tasks that are on their plates.

Rather Than Hiring More Technicians Why Not Outsource The Help They Need?

Your IT staff works hard but sometimes they need another set of hands. Special projects may arise where they need support they don’t have.

Questions abound…

  • Should you hire more staff?
  • Won’t this be expensive?
  • What about the cost of recruiting, training, and the benefits you’ll have to pay?
  • Shouldn’t you explore other options?

You don’t have to hire additional technicians.  You can outsource the extra work to qualified technicians who can work alongside your current IT department.

Outsourcing will free up your internal team so they can deal with their most important duties.

GO Concepts is skilled at working with internal IT departments from other DD organizations in Ohio. We provide the additional manpower, knowledge, and experience you need to achieve your mission in a cost-effective way.  Plus, we’re HIPAA compliant, so as your business associate you won’t need to worry about this.

How Can You Benefit From Outsourcing Extra IT Support?

Outsourcing supplemental IT service will optimize your team’s performance while providing the extra manpower they need. It’s a solution that offers a number of benefits to your organization, including the following:

Better Outcomes

If your internal IT staff is having difficulty keeping up, outsourcing support can help to ease their burdens.  They can focus on higher-level duties while your outside IT company fills in the gaps.  This not only provides your internal team the time they need to manage what’s on their plate but can prevent errors due to overworked technicians.

Day-To-Day Support

Your in-house IT staff may find it challenging to complete their daily tasks.  User support and troubleshooting can take time away from higher-level tasks. Outsourced teams can provide day-to-day support and server monitoring to free up your staff for higher-level objectives and initiatives. Save your techs for special projects or objectives like HIPAA compliance and IT strategy building.

Predictable Pricing

Outsourced IT support will provide the coverage you need without surprise expenses.  Using an outsourced company for your Managed IT Services can be obtained for a fixed, monthly and predictable fee.

Your outsourced Managed IT Service company will provide the dependable coverage you need with proactive IT management for tasks like scheduled maintenance, remote monitoring, help desk services, and account management. You’ll have better coverage at a price you can depend on that stays the same each month.


As your organization in Ohio takes on more duties, or when you complete a special project, sometimes you need to scale up your IT services or reduce them. Rather than hiring and firing internal technicians (which can get very expensive), you can contract with an outsourced IT company on a month-to-month basis.

If you need more services, you add them to your plan.  If you need less, you can cost-effectively and easily scale back. You’re not locked in like you are with employees on your payroll.

Increased Security

With cybercrime evolving and growing, you need cybersecurity experts who know what to watch for and how to protect your IT assets.  New solutions are coming on the market all the time.

When you outsource to cybersecurity experts, they can get you set up with defense-in-depth, layered protection with managed firewalls, spam filtering, encryption, authentication, mobile device management and backups to keep your data safe.

Plus, our cybersecurity team works with HIPAA on a daily basis, so we can help you with your compliance requirements.

A Broad Range Of Technical Expertise With What DD Organizations Need

Working with an outsourced IT company allows you to pick and choose the specialists you need for various projects.

  • Need someone to help who is versed in what DD organizations do?
  • Perhaps you’re taking on a new software application and need help with the integration?
  • Looking for assistance when moving some of your data to a private cloud?

Your day-to-day IT team may lack specific skills and experience that you need from time to time.  Outsourcing provides the specialized knowledge you need without hiring techs that you won’t require after the project is complete.

IT Consultant Services

There are times when you need an outside expert to come in and assess where to concentrate your efforts.  You need the same for your technology management.  An outsourced IT consultant will help your staff stay on top of emerging trends in technology and ensure your teams are using best practices.

You may have a general idea of what you want, but you’re not sure what type of technology or process is required.  An outsourced IT consultant will ask the right questions and provide the right answers.


  • Work with your IT team (but not displace them) to determine where your technology weaknesses and strengths lie,
  • Help align technology to meet your short- and long-term objectives, and
  • Bring new insight into the way technology can ensure you achieve your mission.

With the options and collaboration, an outsourced IT team like GO Concepts can provide, you’ll always have the agile and comprehensive IT department you require.

Learn about GO Concepts’ IT Services and how we can supplement your IT department. Don’t worry — we won’t try to replace them. We’re just here to lend a helping hand. And we’re HIPAA compliant so as your business associate you won’t have to worry about this.

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