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GO Concepts Sponsors the SHIFT Music + Art + Mindset Event to Help Support Local Artists with Disabilities

We had the incredible opportunity to sponsor a pop-up house party to celebrate locate artists living with disabilities… Here’s our take on the lively event!

GO Concepts was excited to sponsor the SHIFT Music + Art + Mindset event in Downtown Hamilton on September 21st, 2019. This event was a one-night experience that took place at a secret location that was transformed into an incredible venue. InsideOut Studio, a non-profit art gallery and maker space for artists with disabilities, hosted the event to help celebrate local artists with disabilities while raising funds for art equipment and experiences.

GO Concepts at SHIFT Music + Art + Mindsets event sponsors

We are grateful for the chance to join such an amazing movement at an event that was carefully planned and thought out. The SHIFT Music + Art + Mindset event was a sensory-friendly time filled with great music, food, and art. DJ Bit Flip, FJ Fuzzy Logic, and DJ Mowgli were there to spin – providing an exciting atmosphere for everyone in attendance.

What Does InsideOut Studio Do?

InsideOut Studio is a non-profit art gallery and maker space for artists with disabilities. They provide support, empowerment, and assistance to artists with disabilities – offering them the tools and equipment they need to create, enjoy, and earn an income. They focus on offering their services in a non-restrictive environment that helps artists with disabilities gain confidence in their abilities.

They’re partnered with the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati. They have approximately 40 artists working within their studio on a regular basis – many of which are working independently. Those artists are given opportunities to exhibit and sell their work – helping them live the most fulfilled, purposeful life.

GO Concepts has utilized art created by their artists for giveaways and to display in their office.

A Review of the SHIFT Music + Art + Mindset Event from Our Very Own Team Members…

Two of our own team members were able to attend the SHIFT Music + Art + Mindset event: Brett Coburn, Operations Manager and Ted Mehlman, Business Development Coordinator. They both enjoyed themselves – citing that the environment was lively, the food was delicious, and the live art on stage was fantastic. Brett shared, “It was a fun and enjoyable night. I had a good time and enjoyed everything. Music, food, art, and great people. You can’t get much better than that!”

Ted also spoke highly of the event: “The aerialist and live art on stage really made the event for me. They took an unused space and made it pop. You had to be there to really get a feel for the whole event. The pictures are great, but the energy and overall feel of inclusivity really made me feel proud to attend such a wonderful event.”

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