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Does Your Internal IT Team Need Technical Expertise

Would you seek legal services from a ‘lawyer’ who hasn’t been to law school? You definitely wouldn’t. The same applies to your IT team.

When seeking IT support talent, you are not just looking for some personal assistant to do what you do not have time to do. IT experts should be industry-accredited, and in most cases, considerably experienced.

It’s not just about the skills and experience; you are looking for someone who will be personally motivated to drive your growth.

When talking to your IT team, are you fully convinced that they know what they are doing?

Does Your Internal IT Team Need Technical Expertise

What’s The Importance Of Having An IT Team With Technical Expertise?

Just as you wouldn’t expect HVAC experts to lay the concrete when building a house, the same reasoning applies to your IT team.

We live in a digital era where you can find almost every solution over the internet. But even in such circumstances, you still visit a doctor when you feel ill. Why? For a start, you are not sure about the honesty or integrity of whatever gets posted online. Besides, you will need some time to go through those resources.

When you pay for an expert’s services, you bank on their skills and experience, which can neither be bought, faked, or substituted for anything.

Are there any risks involved if your IT team does not have the requisite technical expertise? Yes, you risk having a break/fix unit that only corrects errors once they happen.

The Right IT Support Will Deliver Proactive Solutions

Technical skills are essential in the creation and deployment of preventative measures. You can easily avoid most network downtimes and security breaches with proper prior planning.

The right IT team will not just sit and wait for issues to arise and then rush to solve them. They apply their subject-matter expertise to avert the problems upfront. Even if the breaches bypass your security gateways, they will use their experience to limit the impact and accompanying damage costs.

Why is this important? You must have gathered by now, either from experience or hearsay, that cyberattacks are costly. If you solely depend on a reactive team, you should put aside at least $1.67 million to mitigate the next attack. Network downtimes are even worse; you never realize how costly they are to your organization until you conduct an extensive audit.

Technical Expertise Is Essential In Designing And Deploying The Right Technologies For Your Organization

IT dynamics evolve each day. What was the most water-tight security feature yesterday could be the most penetrative one today. Your team needs to be always at the forefront of the trends in cutting edge technology.

Here is the thing; not every fad is evolutionary or applies to your developmental disabilities organization. A team that simply googles solutions will lead you through circles of flowery and expensive IT investments with no substantial returns on investment. This is where subject matter expertise comes in; it helps the IT team identify what will and won’t work for you.

Merely investing in technologies is not enough. You need an experienced team that maintains and updates them whenever necessary.

Why Do You Need An IT Team With Organizational Experience?

You need an IT team to support your developmental disabilities organization and not the vice versa. All the solutions that the IT experts design should have one goal — advancing your organization’s growth.

Having experience working with developmental disabilities organizations helps the IT team understand your frameworks, pain points and deduce your IT needs. It also enables them to devise solutions specifically suited to address your challenges.

How Do You Know That Your IT Team Does Not Have The Requisite Technical Expertise?

  • The IT Department Operates Parallel to the Organization: Do you feel your IT experts do not understand your mission and how IT can play a major role in achieving your goals? The IT team should be part of the big team working towards achieving the organization’s goals. Lack of experience working with DD organizations leads to costly mistakes and relying on solutions that do not adequately address your needs.
  • They Rely a Lot on Third-Party Support: While it’s understandable to seek help when it comes to new technologies such as the cloud, be on the lookout for a team that outsources almost every service they offer. Besides indicating that they lack the technical skills, they do not have full control of most functions. If there is trouble in the third party’s systems, it trickles all down to your networks. The bad news is that the IT team can barely do anything to correct the glitches. It could even be worse if your data is stored on the third party’s servers. Who is in charge of them? Who shoulders the responsibility if there’s a breach.
  • The IT Team Is Reluctant to Implement the Latest Technologies: Recent technological innovations such as the cloud are complex to deploy and manage. Without the right know-how, IT experts will always shy from implementing them to avoid the burden. Who is disadvantaged the most? You and your organization. Failure to adopt these revolutionary technologies can leave your organization falling behind not to mention losing business to competitors.

IT plays such a crucial role in your everyday transactions that if you have an IT support team, they must be good at what they do. The next time you are assembling IT technicians or service providers, be sure to evaluate their track records critically.

Make The Right Choice, Get Yourself An IT Team With The Right Expertise

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