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When you’re away from the office, sometimes you need a file or application that’s sitting on a computer in your office. With GO Concepts’ Remote Desktop Services, you can remotely access them securely and quickly.

Remote Desktop functionality lets you access everything you need with unrestricted control over the mouse and keyboard. You can view everything that’s happening on the remote computer just like you were there.

Who Uses Remote Desktop Services?

GO Concepts has deployed remote desktop services for customers with a wide range of sizes in multiple industries.  We’ve implemented solutions with multiple County Boards of Developmental Disabilities running software from Primary Solutions (Infallible and Gatekeeper) and Intellinetics with excellent results.

Our Remote Desktop Services provide a common workspace for your authorized employees to work from anywhere in the world and experience the same desktop environment they would have in your office.

What Are The Benefits Of Remote Desktop Services?

You’ll benefit from having a secure computing connection whether you’re in the office or working in a mobile environment. Since all your data is stored within the remote desktop environment, the risk for data loss or a breach is significantly reduced.

Remote Desktop solutions provide a safe means for employees to access the applications and files they need from any internet-connected computer. This provides for greater employee mobility, productivity, and flexibility.

It also dramatically simplifies implementation of required software updates and upgrades, providing for substantially improved uptime and much faster time to deployment.

You’ll Benefit From:

  • Platform Agnostics – Access your remote desktops from any device including Windows, Linux, iPhone, Android.
  • Reduced Downtime – If your workstation dies you can log in from another one and everything will look the same; all your files will be there, organized the way you left them, and nothing will be missing.
  • Two-Factor Security – This only permits logins from organization-managed devices for an added layer of security.
  • Greater Security – Our Remote Desktop Service is more secure than using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) because data and files never leave your remote desktop server.
  • Encryption and Backups – Files stay stored on your servers and are encrypted and backed up.
  • Increased Efficiency – Unlike a VPN where large files are very slow to open over a remote connection, you’ll have quick, easy and secure access to your desktop environment.
  • An Extra Layer of Security – Your users must log in to the remote desktop before they can access your line of business software (QuickBooks, Gatekeeper, Infallible, etc.).
  • Auditable records of logins that can be retained for HIPAA compliance.
  • Central Management for Line of Business Software – Instead of updating software on every single workstation, you only need to update your applications on the remote desktop server(s). This ensures a consistent user experience.
  • Excellent Disaster Recovery – Since all files, programs, and systems are centrally located, they can be replicated to a Disaster Recovery site and easily activated /recovered in a disaster scenario.
  • Scalability – Remote Desktop Services are designed to work for small or large organizations. They can cost-effectively grow or shrink as your organization does.

Learn how your organization can benefit from Remote Desktop Services. Contact us to discuss making your team more mobile today.

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