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Turn Your Weakest Link Into Your Strongest Defense

Your employees are your greatest asset, so be sure to train them to be your best defense against one of the biggest threats to your business or organization.” John Gambill Jr, CEO – GO Concepts Inc.

Ransomware is an epidemic, especially for local governments, organizations, and small to midsize businesses. And, email phishing scams continue to be the attack vector of choice for cybercriminals. Technology alone doesn’t provide adequate security defense. Your employees must be properly and continually trained to avoid not only common security threats, but the ever-increasing new methods to exploit them.

Recent security reports reveal 95% of data breaches are caused by employee error. Without ongoing proper training to spot and avoid falling victim to phishing attempts, your employees will continue to be the weakest link in your organization’s cybersecurity defense. Education continues to be one of your most powerful tools to best prepare and assist your staff! And, it not only helps them while at work, but in their day-to-day lives where they also get targeted.

The GO Concepts Security Solution Will Protect Your Operations

It’s a comprehensive and robust security and training platform that includes things like:

  • Current Security Awareness Training
    – HIPAA-based for those that require it
  • Simulated Phishing Email Campaigns
  • Detailed Security Policies
  • Thorough Security Risk Assessments
  • Dark Web Scanning and Ongoing Monitoring

The GO Concepts Security Solution is part of our multi-layer cybersecurity solution approach and…

  • Is Included With Both Our Managed IT for DD and Co-Managed IT for DD Services
  • Comes with a Monthly eNewsletter
  • Employs Revolutionary Training Tools

As you know, phishing emails are where it usually starts. We assist our clients in conducting unlimited, random phishing assessments for all your users where you can choose from several convincing templates. Don’t have the time… our team will manage and administer it for you as part of our service.

You’ll have:

  • Rich training modules that encourage employee engagement and security adherence
  • Consistent platform enhancements based on client feedback and market trends
  • Real-world security training modules
  • Flexible phishing campaigns with an extensive template library

The GO Concepts Security Solution Includes Dark Web Breach Assessments and Monitoring

Our Dark Web Breach Assessment lets you evaluate potential exposure and identify breached credentials on the Dark Web that may be putting your organization at risk. It reveals what’s connected to your domain(s) and if passwords were stolen. We provide our clients unlimited scans with a full report that can be exported from your private portal. Then, we continue to monitor the Dark Web, so as new breaches occur, we are alerted and can take immediate action to ensure you are best protected.

Increase Employee Engagement By Monitoring Individual’s Scores

Education is continuous. Included, you’ll have invaluable services like:

  • Weekly micro-trainings
  • Informative security newsletters
  • Simulated phishing campaigns
  • Dark Web Breach Assessments and Ongoing Monitoring
  • Security risk assessments

Our revolutionary Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA) combines security metrics into an Employee Secure Score (ESS), so you can see which employees are the weakest links. By quickly determining an employee’s ESS, we can confidently recommend security remediation services to help you strengthen your security posture.

  • Test employee knowledge retention with simulated phishing campaigns
  • Employees stay engaged with friendly competition via a leaderboard
  • View the results in your private portal

How Does This Address HIPAA Compliance and Regulations?

  • Directly addresses this section of the State of Ohio Critical Security Controls Compliance from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities: 17. Implement a Security Awareness and Training Program.
  • Directly relates to this specific HIPAA Control: §164.308(a)(5): Security Awareness and Training – Implement a security awareness and training program for all members of its workforce (including management).


For more information about how we can assist you and ensure you don’t worry about IT, contact the experts at GO Concepts…. The Premier Information Technology Solutions Provider for Agencies, Independent Providers, and County Boards of DD.

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