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What Services Should You Expect From Your Ohio IT Service Provider?

Are you happy with the support your current IT company is giving you? Do you even know the services you should expect from them?

The modern-day business cannot afford to have lackluster IT support. Whether it’s constant site downtime, frequent data breaches, unexplained system breakdowns… you name it… you will always know when your service provider is not doing enough to keep you in business.

What Are the Signs That You Are Not Getting the Most From Your IT Service Provider?

There are several indicators if an IT company is not correctly returning the services they should provide. Some notable ones that will help you know when it’s time to consider seeking out another IT service provider include:

  • The IT Company Takes Too Long to Resolve Your Issues: And when they do, they never accept liability — it’s always you or your staff that’s at fault.
  • You’ve Been Having the Same Issues With Your Network – – Year in Year Out: The chances are that you’re working with a break-fix IT Company that only reacts to breakages instead of proactively planning to prevent them.
  • The Service Provider Always Rushes to Suggest New Equipment, Even for Minor Glitches: It’s either they can’t fix the issues or have ties with specific software/hardware vendors.
  • An IT Company That Nickels and Dimes You: Frequent unexplained service bill hikes signify a service provider is concerned with making profits than providing quality support.

What Services Should You Expect?

  1. 24/7 Systems Monitoring & Help Desk Support: Your in-house staff can only monitor your systems by day, during office hours. However, most data breaches happen during odd hours. According to FireEye, up to 76% of all ransomware attacks occur either at night (49%) or during weekends (27%). You need eyes on your network around-the-clock. This is one of the primary reasons for outsourcing IT. Besides monitoring your network 24/7, the IT company should also offer round-the-clock Help Desk support. The faster you identify and respond to a breach, the less impactful it will be.
  2. Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Services: No cybersecurity system can guarantee surefire protection against intrusion and unauthorized access. That’s why the service provider should define and implement well-thought-out disaster recovery and business continuity protocols. Does the IT company back up your files and data at least once a day? Has the service provider developed a precise fast-response plan in case of a breach, and how conversant are your employees with it? How conveniently can the IT company recover your backups in the event of a hack?
  3. Comprehensive Security Management: Cybersecurity is at the forefront of every organization’s leadership.. and for good reason. Hacks and breaches are expensive and harmful to your public image. The IT company should develop and maintain a robust security system capable of detecting and preventing intrusion attempts. They should frequently conduct assessments to identify and amend any weak areas. Network security is not just about having the best hardware and cybersecurity software in the market. The service provider should also train your employees and keep them abreast of emerging threats. Closely connected to data security management is compliance support. A good IT company will ensure that you are at the forefront of every applicable compliance requirement.
  4. On-Site IT Support: Unless you signed up for purely remote support, the IT company should occasionally send experts to your physical location(s). Be wary of a service provider that only guides you through a series of endless procedures over the phone instead of fixing issues by themselves. Usually, this means that the IT company is overwhelmed or has too many support requests that they can’t handle
  5. IT  Planning Services: IT exists to support your organization and not the other way around. Therefore, the service provider should help you plan your technology and align it to your business objectives. Every IT project you undertake must have a precise goal to achieve in aiding your business processes. Planning also includes fitting your IT expenses within your budget. In any case, you’re not operating a business to fund IT.
  6. Always Trust Your Guts: If you’re suspecting that something is not right, seek immediate clarification. GO Concepts has been delivering state-of-the-art IT solutions to Ohio developmental disabilities organizations since 1997. In our over two decades of providing professional IT services, we’ve heard several executives admit that “they suspected something was amiss” months before their systems were hacked. The initial basic instinct that you are ignoring might cause your organization-ending data breach that you so much dread.

Above all, YOU must know the services your IT company should provide. Only then can you understand what to expect and whether they’re doing their work to the fullest or not.

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The right IT company should demonstrate adequate technical expertise and considerable experience within your specific industry.

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