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You Ask… GO Answers: Why Is My Computer Running Slow?

Are you losing valuable working hours waiting on your computer to catch up with you? Find out why your computer is so slow in our latest “You Ask… GO Answers” video.

There’s very little as frustrating as a slow computer.

How much time each day do you spend waiting for your system to boot up? Do you often get up and make your coffee while you wait for a frozen program to unfreeze? You are probably losing more time than you think — all these lost minutes add up to lost hours and lost days.

Don’t just assume that you can’t do anything to improve your computer’s performance. In our latest “You Ask… GO Answers” video, we share a few tips to help you figure out why your computer may be running slowly:

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5 Steps To Help You Find Out Why Your Computer Is Running Slowly

  1. Open Your Task Manager: Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open your Task Manager. This tool provides information about your computer performance and any software that’s currently running.
  2. Check Your CPU: The task manager will show a chart visualizing the performance of your CPU. If your CPU is running high, that’s likely the source of the lag.
  3. Check Your Memory: If you have too many applications running simultaneously, you may be maxing out your available memory, which can slow your computing speed. Make sure to only run applications you’re actively using.
  4. Check Your Storage: If you have maxed out your available storage, then your computer may run more slowly as a result. Make sure to delete any unnecessary files on a regular basis.
  5. Check Your Network: If you have a poor network connection, that can slow the speed at which webpages and cloud-based data loads. You can improve your network connection by moving closer to your router, or troubleshooting the issue with your ISP.

Regular servicing and tune-ups keep even older computers running well (even if they aren’t lightning fast). These maintenance tasks include removing old files, unused software, and other clutter.

Get The Answers To Your IT Questions

As with most things IT-related, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. Optimizing your user experience just comes down to having a little extra knowledge.

To get more answers to your IT questions, make sure to check out the other videos on the GO Concepts YouTube channel.

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