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A Medicaid Billing Agency Needed A Reliable and Secure IT Solution So They Contacted GO Concepts

Medicaid Billing Solutions provides Medicaid and private insurance billing and accounting services to help their clients increase their reimbursements and better manage their organization’s finances. To properly do this, they need a reliable and secure technology solution for their virtual servers that their work-from-home-teams access remotely, as well as a help desk and support team that fully understands not only their needs, but also those of the clients they serve.

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One-way Medicaid Billing Solutions serves their clients is as a billing agency that bills the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) administered Medicaid waivers. These are home and community-based waivers services for their clients who provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

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The Problem

The staff at Medicaid Billing Solutions was dissatisfied with their IT services company and the performance of their software and servers, which are mission critical to their operation. When company President, Sandy Landers saw what GO Concepts was doing for a mutual client, a County Board of Developmental Disabilities, she immediately knew she needed this same level of reliability, response, security, and options for her staff and business.

Sandy and her team work with the Clinton County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Lawrence County Developmental Disabilities, both mutual clients of GO Concepts. These County Boards were very happy and impressed with what GO Concepts was doing for them and she wanted that same satisfaction and performance for her team.

The Solution

Medicaid Billing Solutions knew what they needed, and they wanted it immediately. In a contract with another provider, but very unhappy and experiencing a negative impact on their business, they made the decision to buyout the remaining multiple months of that existing agreement, so they could move forward as soon as possible with our services at GO Concepts.

Some of the services we provide for them:

  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Email Encryption
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Virtual CIO Services
  • Managed IT Services
  • HIPAA Compliant Focus
  • Help Desk and Support
  • Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Developmental Disabilities Organization/Business Specific Expertise

Some of the leading vendor partners we used include:

  • Microsoft
  • Veeam
  • VMWare
  • Adobe
  • APC
  • Cisco

The Result

Medicaid Billing Solutions now has proactive IT service and monitoring with expert support and management for all their IT-related systems, along with a reliable and secure cloud environment allowing their staff to effectively work from home or anywhere without any downtime or outages. Since moving to our Managed IT services and the GO Concepts Private Cloud, employee productivity, efficiency, and morale have increased, customer satisfaction is high, and the entire staff can better and more effectively service all their clients.

They now have:

  • Reliable and secure remote access to their industry-specific software
  • A reliable and secure private cloud
  • IT that’s aligned with best practices
  • Technology they can rely on
  • IT support they can trust will be there when they need it
  • Better compliance with HIPAA

With a more reliable and secure IT infrastructure, the staff at Medicaid Billing Solutions can focus on their operations and use technology to drive their business. Most importantly, they no longer worry about IT!

Sandy Landers, President of Medicaid Billing Solutions, tells us more:

“Our company is completely work-from-home. We don’t have a physical office. I have a virtual server solution that our employees can log into to access our software.

A lady, Sandy Landers, smiling for the camera

Before GO Concepts, we weren’t using a traditional remote desktop solution, and sometimes our software would go down. There were times where one piece of software couldn’t work with another.

Some of our clients use their own software, and we need to remote into their systems to use it. We must go through secure VPNs (virtual private networks), and sometimes when we would remote in, our VPN wasn’t compatible with theirs.

Compatibility with hardware and VPNs was an issue for us. When this happened, our previous IT provider wasn’t as responsive as we needed them to be.

When I saw the exceptional work GO Concepts was doing for one of our clients, and the products they were using far exceeded the capabilities of ours, I knew we needed to switch from our then current IT company to GO Concepts.

Not only were GO Concepts IT products better, but their customer service was also exceptional. I bought out our old contract so we could switch over to GO Concepts right away.

Now we can work with any of the software that we need to. Everything is running smoothly, reliably and securely.

GO Concepts helps us with security assessments that our state department requires. They help us develop security policies and follow them. And they provide security awareness training for our employees.

GO Concepts goes above and beyond to understand everything they can about our services so they can provide the best IT support for us.

I’m passionate about GO Concepts. They’ve helped my business so much that I wish everyone we work with would just switch over to them. I always recommend them to other County Boards because I truly believe they would benefit from their services.

The bottom line is, we never worry about IT with GO Concepts.”

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