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Transforming IT Infrastructure and Security for Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities with GO Concepts

Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities, an organization committed to improving the lives of over 3500 individuals, struggled to manage its existing IT infrastructure. Their previous IT setup needed to be updated and also needed the requisite support needed for efficient operation. Their inability to accomplish crucial projects and a dated hardware setup meant a dire need for an immediate and comprehensive overhaul of their IT infrastructure.

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GO Concepts Transforms IT Infrastructure & Security For Butler County.

GO Concepts has demonstrated its exceptional proficiency in providing premier IT services to organizations within the Developmental Disabilities sector.

Our collaboration with the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities is a glowing tribute to our dedication to delivering dependable, safe, and budget-friendly IT solutions.

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The Selection Process

Having identified the gaps in their infrastructure and the need for a top IT partner, the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities went into a Request for Proposal (RFP) process. GO Concepts, known as the experts in working with Developmental Disabilities (DD) organizations throughout Ohio, was chosen. The decisive factors were GO Concepts’ depth of expertise with County Boards of DD and its ability to offer the most effective solution tailored to the unique needs of Butler County DD specifically.

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The Transformation

GO Concepts immediately recognized the critical nature of the situation, starting with Managed IT services and swiftly moving to implement virtual servers due to the urgent requirements. Hailey Quinn, the Business Services Director at Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities, who oversees the relationship with GO Concepts, expressed her appreciation for the new Virtual Data Center, something their organization had never had before.

One of the main challenges that GO Concepts addressed was the security concerns, especially with the HIPAA requirements that the organization must comply with. GO Concepts implemented two-factor authentication and other in-depth security systems to protect sensitive information. Given their budget of $26M, securing their infrastructure was top of mind, especially with the responsibility to their individuals and the accountability to the taxpayers in Butler County.

Results and Customer Testimonial

GO Concepts’ professional approach and the depth of their support have contributed significantly to a positive partnership. Hailey praises the combination of remote and on-site support, a feature that has significantly improved the overall IT operations within the organization.

She also expressed satisfaction with GO Concepts’ commitment to ensuring security across all levels. The partnership with GO Concepts has thus delivered more than just IT services; it has brought newfound confidence and peace of mind to the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

As a testament to the quality of the services provided by GO Concepts, Hailey rates the company with an “A.” She appreciates the strong partnership and the easy accessibility to GO Concepts’ help desk, which has been a boon for all staff members.

In summary, Hailey looks forward to continuing this fruitful partnership with GO Concepts, recognizing it as instrumental in transforming their IT infrastructure and creating a secure environment that aligns with the needs and expectations of the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities.


GO Concepts has once again proven its expertise in offering top-tier IT services to DD organizations. Their work with the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities is a shining testament to our commitment to offering reliable, secure, and cost-effective IT solutions that drive operational efficiency and peace of mind for organizations in the Developmental Disabilities community.

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