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Culture Is The Foundation Of GO Concepts’ High Quality Service

Key points:

  • Culture is a critical part of a company’s success
  • Leaders and ownership have to support their staff in order to maintain service quality
  • GO Concepts is proud of the cohesive culture we’ve built for our team and clients

Culture: The Secret To GO Concept’s Success

The modern workplace is more than just a list of tasks and a paycheck for each team member. Effective managers and business owners understand, in order to foster enthusiastic, healthy, and contributive staff, they need to develop the right culture.

Doing so can engender a workplace that everyone enjoys being a part of, rather than a setting they have to be a part of.

While it does take extra time and resources to do, it has had a significantly positive impact for businesses that commit to it—in stark contrast, just consider the fact that disengaged employees cost US businesses up to $550 billion each year.

That’s why developing the right culture is so important—discover more in our latest video:

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Our Culture Supports Our Team Members

When you think about culture, you might picture the Silicon Valley version of it—how Google has ping pong tables and daycare service and high-end staff cafeterias. But that’s just one, rather limited interpretation.

Whereas at one point culture amounted to doing your job in order to be paid for it, the modern workplace is much different. People seek a fulfilling and rewarding experience—are you providing that? This is a top priority for GO Concepts.

“Ultimately we have a shared collaborative environment where we all work together to serve the needs of the client,” says Joe Penny, IT Operations Director. “One of the greatest things about our company is that we don’t just focus on client needs, we also focus on the needs of our internal staff members and make sure we’re working as a team together to get the job done—it’s kind of a holistic approach to things.”

Ideal culture is about activating your team members—how do you do that?

  • Strike a balance between challenging them in their work, and making sure they have the resources they need to succeed
  • Make sure they feel heard and understood by management
  • Let them work toward a future goal in their own professional development

“We put a larger focus on each person’s individual journey and helping and supporting them holistically, not just as someone who comes to work at GO Concepts,” says Joe. “We want them to be the best they can be in all aspects of their life.

One challenge many managers have with culture is in the possible end effect of offering professional development. That is, if you invest in your employees so that they can grow and improve, won’t they just move on to another job that pays more, and benefits from your investment?

It’s a possibility—however, in the time that you have the employee, they’re likely to do better work than they would if you weren’t investing in them. Furthermore, if you have a compelling enough culture, that’s all the more reason for the employee to choose to stay with your business.

“We’ve actually had people elect to stay with us even if they’ve been offered a position that might have been a little bit more money,” says Kristina Micthell, HR.

How’s Your Culture?

“GO Concepts is so focused on the employee standpoint of how their employees feel what they need on a daily basis,” says Chris Smith, Controller.

In the end, culture is what you make of it. Yes, it’s a greater investment in your business, but the return you could get is undoubtedly worthwhile.

“Overall, the family feel that we have here at GO Concepts impacts our clients through the cohesiveness we have working together,” says Joe.

Bottom line… hire great people, invest in them, care about them, and help them succeed in life.  Your business will benefit and your clients will thank you!

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