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Putnam County DD Trusts GO Concepts As Their IT Services Team

The Board of Developmental Disabilities for Putnam County, Ohio, faced a challenge – they needed comprehensive IT support to continue providing exceptional services for individuals with disabilities. As a small team of 16 members, the Board lacked in-house expertise for acquiring and setting up computer systems, managing networks, and more. In addition to ensuring a seamless IT experience, the Board also sought a sustainable solution that would last well into the future.

As the search for a reliable IT partner commenced, Putnam County reached out to other counties that had already partnered with GO Concepts. These countries had great things to say about their experiences with our team. After several discussions, the Putnam County Board of Developmental Disabilities decided to entrust their IT needs to GO Concepts. The key factors in this decision were our track record in providing IT services, our understanding of the Board’s unique requirements, and the positive testimonials from our existing clientele in the developmental disabilities sector.

Key Takeaways

  • Putnam County Board of Developmental Disabilities needed a comprehensive, sustainable IT solution.
  • GO Concepts was chosen based on expertise, understanding of unique requirements, and positive testimonials.
  • The partnership seeks to ensure seamless IT experiences to enhance the essential services the Board provides.

Meet Our Client: Putnam County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Putnam County Board of Developmental Disabilities’s mission is to support individuals with disabilities in all aspects of their lives. Operating with a dedicated team of 16 staff members, they offer a wide range of services tailored to the unique needs of each individual.

As a forward-thinking superintendent, the decision was made to seek a comprehensive IT overhaul, known as a “turnkey operation.” With limited in-house expertise in procuring and managing computer systems and IT networks, they needed to find an outside service to handle all aspects of their technology needs.

After researching and reaching out to other counties who have previously worked with us, the Putnam County Board of Developmental Disabilities chose GO Concepts as their IT services provider based on our excellent reputation and the positive feedback from our existing clients.

Why choose GO Concepts?

  • Peer Recommendations: Other County Boards could vouch for the quality of our work and how well our solutions fit their needs.
  • IT Expertise: The Board was not only looking for a provider with specific knowledge of developmental disabilities support-related organizations but a reliable, trustworthy IT organization that could adapt to their unique requirements.

As GO Concepts, we are proud to have been selected by the Putnam County Board of Developmental Disabilities to assist them in fully transforming their IT services, ensuring a smooth transition for their organization.


Need for a Comprehensive IT Solution

As an IT services provider like GO Concepts, you may come across clients needing a comprehensive change in their IT infrastructure. This was the case with the Putnam County Board of Developmental Disabilities, a local governmental organization supporting individuals with developmental disabilities in various aspects of their lives.

The Putnam County DD’s Superintendent recognized the need for a turnkey IT operation, considering the limited expertise of their 16 staff members in areas such as computer procurement, network setups, and transitions. They wanted to ensure the smooth transition of IT services before they departed from the organization.

Before partnering with GO Concepts, Putnam County DD had worked with two other groups that offered only partial support services. However, these groups did not provide the holistic solution that the organization sought. Recognizing the importance of making the right choice, they researched and contacted other Ohio counties using GO Concepts’ services.

The positive feedback from these counties and conversations with the GO Concepts team led Putnam County DD to agree with them on a complete IT solution. They needed a partner to understand and manage their specific requirements professionally and efficiently.

By choosing GO Concepts, Putnam County DD trusted that they were making the right decision for their organization, paving the way for a smooth and effective transition into an improved IT infrastructure.

Lack of Internal Expertise

As a developmental disabilities board, Putnam County DD does important work supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. The organization realized it could only partially rely on its small team of 16 staff members to manage its IT infrastructure effectively. With limited in-house expertise in computer purchasing, network setup, and computer maintenance, they had to find a comprehensive solution.

Putnam County DD sought to partner with a reliable IT organization that could ensure a smooth transition and cater to their organization’s needs even after the current leaders have moved on. The Board’s research led them to contact other County Boards with firsthand experience working with GO Concepts. These very valuable references highlighted positive experiences working with the team of experts at GO Concepts, indicating they were very valuable IT service providers.

The deciding factor for Putnam County DD to choose GO Concepts over other alternatives was the consistent positive feedback from other County Boards, who testified to the provider’s effectiveness. Putnam County DD found the assurance they needed that GO Concepts would understand their specific requirements and manage their IT infrastructure efficiently.

Pursuing a Comprehensive Change for Sustainability

As the desire for sustainable transitions grows, it’s crucial to understand how to effectively support County Boards of developmental disabilities in their IT needs. GO Concepts ensures a comprehensive solution that streamlines operations and offers an outstanding support structure.

In the case of Putnam County DD, the team recognized the need for a wholesale change, with no IT experts within their staff of 16. The superintendent was also aware of the importance of building a smooth transition before leaving their position.

After extensive research, GO Concepts was their IT services provider of choice. Putnam County contacted other counties that partnered with GO Concepts and consistently received positive reviews. The decision to choose GO Concepts was based on its reputation as a reliable IT organization that understands the specific needs of County Boards.

In summary, providing sustainable solutions for County Boards of developmental disabilities like Putnam County DD stems from a deep understanding of their requirements and a commitment to excellence. GO Concepts was deemed an ideal choice to deliver seamless IT transitions and support, ensuring long-lasting and impactful change.

Earlier Limited IT Support Encounters

As a County Board of developmental disabilities, you provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities, supporting them in all aspects of their lives. With a small team of 16 people, you faced challenges managing IT tasks such as purchasing and setting up computers, building networks, and maintaining systems. In the past, you tried two different IT support groups to help when your workload became overwhelming. However, these groups could only provide basic tech services that met some of Putnam County DD’s basic IT requirements.

You began researching various IT service providers to find a better fit for your organization. In your search, you reached out to other County Boards of developmental disabilities that were already working with GO Concepts. Upon receiving positive feedback and strong reviews, you decided to consider them your IT service provider.

After conversing with Ted Mehlman from GO Concepts, you agreed that the company would handle all your IT-related services. The decision to go with GO Concepts primarily hinged on reliable testimonials from other County Boards rather than seeking a team with extensive experience in developmental disabilities.

Since collaborating with GO Concepts, your County Board has benefited from their IT expertise, allowing you to focus on providing valuable support and services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Key Points:

  • Prior IT Support: Limited and insufficient
  • Research: Reached out to other County Boards
  • Decision: Chose GO Concepts for comprehensive IT services based on positive feedback

Research and Outreach

In addressing the needs of the Putnam County Board of Developmental Disabilities, we at GO Concepts took a comprehensive approach to provide the IT support they required. As an organization dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities in various aspects of their lives, Putnam County faced the challenge of having limited expertise in managing their IT infrastructure. Our team at GO Concepts was well-equipped to handle this task, with experience in collaborating with other countries who have successfully implemented our solutions.

We contacted the other County Boards already collaborating with GO Concepts as part of our research. Their positive feedback regarding our services was key in building trust between us and Putnam County. Our primary focus has always been delivering exceptional IT solutions and ensuring a perfect fit for our clients’ unique needs.

In working with Putnam County, we aimed to create a seamless transition in their IT systems and provide them with an optimized network infrastructure. As a reliable IT partner, we were confident in managing their IT systems effectively, allowing them to focus on their mission.

Through collaboration and dedication, we have been able to deliver IT solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of the Putnam County Board of Developmental Disabilities. By choosing GO Concepts as their IT partner, they gained peace of mind knowing that a professional and experienced team is meeting their IT needs.

Opting for GO Concepts

Facing the challenge of updating the Putnam County Board of Developmental Disabilities’ IT infrastructure, you needed a comprehensive and reliable solution. Your team, consisting of only 16 members, needed more expertise to handle this task. It is crucial to find an ideal partner to ensure a smooth transition before your potential retirement.

Research was conducted among other County Boards to determine the best fit for your organization. Their positive feedback led you to consider GO Concepts. GO Concepts’ proven expertise was another benefit in selecting GO as their IT services provider.

After numerous conversations with Ted Mehlman, a representative of GO Concepts, the understanding and confidence in their ability to cater to Putnam County’s needs grew stronger. Other IT providers you explored lacked the same positive testimonials, and it became clear that they might need to grasp the project’s scope fully.

Ultimately, by selecting GO Concepts for their IT services, you ensured a tailored, comprehensive solution that satisfied the unique requirements of the Putnam County Board of Developmental Disabilities, thus validating your decision to partner with them.

Emphasis on IT Expertise In Development Disabilities

Putnam County DD recognized the need for a comprehensive IT solution, especially with the lack of tech expertise among their staff of 16. GO Concepts emerged as the ideal partner due to a strong reputation, even though you were not specifically experienced in the developmental disabilities field.

Putnam County sought collaboration with an IT provider that could handle their challenges from start to finish. Your all-encompassing services stood out against competitors that only offered partial support. This approach ultimately assisted Putnam County to:

  • Streamline their IT infrastructure
  • Integrate seamless networking solutions
  • Manage computer hardware requirements

When evaluating possible partnerships, Putnam County conducted research by contacting other County Boards, and the positive feedback about GO Concepts was consistent. Your established presence within the sector and the trust of existing clients solidified the decision to work together.

By focusing on providing expert IT services and listening closely to Putnam County’s specific needs, your organization demonstrated adaptability and developed solutions tailored to your client. Your input enabled Putnam County to keep its primary focus on supporting individuals with disabilities while benefiting from a solid, dependable IT foundation.

Validation from Other Counties

While deciding on an IT services provider, Putnam County DD sought feedback from other counties that had previously worked with GO Concepts. This step was pivotal in determining whether GO Concepts would be the right fit for their organization.

By reaching out to other counties, our client had the chance to learn about their experiences with GO Concepts. It became evident that positive testimonials consistently emerged from those collaborating with GO Concepts. This information was crucial for making an informed decision on whether or not to engage with them.

As Putnam County delved deeper into the background of GO Concepts, conversations with their team further solidified your confidence in their abilities to handle your organization’s unique IT requirements. Ultimately, the decision to onboard GO Concepts stemmed from its reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable IT organization. The positive reviews about their services from other County Boards further endorsed this trust in GO Concepts.

The ability to receive such honest and clear feedback from other counties was instrumental in feeling assured that GO Concepts would be a wise choice for managing your IT needs. This strong endorsement from other development disability County Boards sets GO Concepts apart from other IT solutions, making them an ideal partner for organizations like yours.

Finalizing the Partnership with GO Concepts

As you progress with finalizing the partnership between GO Concepts and the Putnam County Board of Developmental Disabilities, it’s crucial to acknowledge the background contributing to this collaboration.

Putnam County, striving to provide comprehensive services to individuals with developmental disabilities, faced the challenge of managing its IT infrastructure with limited staff members. With only 16 staff members, the organization needed expertise in computer procurement, network setup, and overall IT management. Among their team, only their superintendent had limited IT exposure, which needed to be improved for the scale of operations required.

To address these concerns, Putnam County searched for a suitable IT partner to handle the organization’s technological needs. They researched and contacted other County Boards already utilizing GO Concepts’ services. The feedback received about GO Concepts was consistently positive, further indicating the compatibility between the two organizations, especially since GO Concepts’ services can easily scale to County Boards of any size; GO Concept’s growing list of client partners includes some of the largest County Boards in Ohio and some of the smallest.

During multiple conversations between Putnam County and GO Concepts, the focus was not just on the specific IT needs related to developmental disabilities but, more importantly, on finding a professional IT organization that could deliver tailored solutions to suit their unique requirements.

Based on the testimonials from other County Boards about successful collaboration with GO  Concepts, Putnam County DD chose GO Concepts as their IT partner. This decision marks the beginning of a potentially long-lasting and productive partnership, with both parties looking forward to overcoming their challenges and optimizing the services provided to individuals with developmental disabilities.  With GO Concepts’ focus on “Helping Those Helping Others,” as well as being the experts in assisting County Boards across Ohio, the choice for Putnam County DD was clear!

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