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We Are So Thankful To Ohio’s Developmental Disability Community: Celebrating Achievements and Progress

The developmental disabilities community in Ohio plays an essential role in supporting and empowering individuals with disabilities. It’s a diverse network of agencies, independent providers, and county boards committed to enhancing the quality of life for those they serve. Among these dedicated organizations, GO Concepts stands out as the premier information technology solutions provider tailored specifically to the unique needs of the community.

Since 1997, GO Concepts has been devoted to assisting government sectors with their IT needs, which further expanded in 2013 to focus exclusively on county boards, agencies, and independent providers. As an accredited member of the Ohio Association of County Boards (OACB) and the Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA), GO Concepts is dedicated to providing cost-effective, secure, and reliable IT services to developmental disability organizations in Ohio. With IT solutions that comply with regulations, control costs, and align with the mission of each organization, GO Concepts enables them to focus on what matters most: supporting individuals with developmental disabilities.

The Importance of Ohio’s Developmental Disability Community

As a member of Ohio’s community, you play an important role in supporting and working with the Developmental Disabilities community. This community not only helps improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities but also creates an inclusive and supportive environment for all members of society.

The Developmental Disabilities community in Ohio, including County Boards of DD, independent providers, and nonprofit organizations, work tirelessly to provide essential services such as healthcare, housing, employment, and education. Their efforts ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities can lead fulfilling lives and participate in their communities with dignity and respect.

Fostering strong connections within the community is essential to its success. Programs such as Best Buddies, an Ohio-based nonprofit organization, create opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to develop meaningful friendships and social connections. These kinds of relationships lead to improved self-esteem and a heightened sense of belonging for all involved.

By supporting Ohio’s developmental disability community, you are helping to build an inclusive, diverse, and compassionate society for everyone. As a part of this community, you play an integral role in promoting understanding and acceptance of individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as advocating for their rights and needs.

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Providing IT Services To A Great Community Throughout Ohio

As the premier information technology solutions provider for agencies, independent providers, and County Boards of DD, we at GO Concepts are honored to work with the developmental disabilities (DD) community throughout Ohio. Our professional IT team is highly experienced in catering to your organization’s specific needs and is dedicated to serving them. As an Ohio-based and owned company, we are strategically situated to provide managed IT services across the entire state.

Our Managed IT Services provide a reliable, professional, and trustworthy solution for all your information technology needs. We understand that your DD organization relies on sound technology solutions that minimize service interruptions.

In addition to Managed IT Services, we prioritize network security to ensure a secure and protected environment for all DD organizations. Cyber threats are everywhere, and it is crucial to safeguard personal information and networks against malicious actors. Our GO Concepts team is well-equipped to keep your organization secure and your information protected.

Moreover, we recognize the importance of cloud computing for efficiency, reliability, and security within the DD industry. Many organizations are moving to the cloud, significantly reducing the complexities of their technology infrastructure. GO Concepts provides reliable and secure private cloud infrastructure, featuring virtual private server and remote desktop hosting, along with co-location from our secure data center in Ohio.

We take pride in being a trusted technology advisor for developmental disability organizations throughout Ohio. Our team of experts consistently offers strategic IT advice, ensuring that you have the right technology solutions in place for your organization.

At GO Concepts, our team comprises dedicated and passionate individuals who have been serving our customers with their technical expertise since 1997. Our team strives to give the best to those around us and the community. We participate in community involvement and continually work to contribute where we can. By helping the DD community succeed, we strengthen our bond with them and our team members, making a difference in the lives of people with developmental disabilities every day.

Community Support and Initiatives

The developmental disability community in Ohio benefits significantly from the support of organizations like GO Concepts, the premier information technology solutions provider for agencies, independent providers, and county boards serving those with developmental disabilities. With their vast experience working alongside disability organizations, GO Concepts understands the unique needs and requirements when it comes to IT services, ensuring cost-effective, reliable, and secure solutions.

GO Concepts actively participates in community events and fundraisers, further demonstrating its commitment to supporting Ohio’s developmental disability community. As an accredited member of the Ohio Association of County Boards (OACB) and the Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA), GO Concepts proves that they are a trustworthy and dedicated partner.

Their services range from providing a fully outsourced IT department to working alongside existing IT staff in a co-managed capacity. They serve a variety of clients, including county boards, agencies, and independent providers. Their tailored solutions help organizations streamline their operations, comply with State of Ohio and HIPAA requirements, and enhance their workflows, all while ensuring data security and privacy.

GO Concepts has a strong understanding of various software programs and packages, particularly those specific to the developmental disability community. They liaise with software vendors to ensure seamless integration of all the technological resources you use.

In addition to its IT solutions, GO Concepts is dedicated to ensuring HIPAA compliance and security, providing comprehensive training for its employees. They also offer support for their clients, helping address HIPAA safeguards and providing security awareness training. Their services even extend to assistance with HIPAA compliance audits, assessments, and best practices implementation.

As you continue to serve those in the developmental disability community in Ohio, know that partnering with GO Concepts allows you to focus on what matters most while being confident in your organization’s IT services and support.


Thank you for taking the time to read about the hard work and dedication of Ohio’s Developmental Disability (DD) community. Your continued support and involvement in this community make a significant impact on the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The collaboration between organizations like Butler County DD, Ohio DoDD, Best Buddies, and Eagle Consulting Partners highlights the commitment to enhancing the quality of life for those served. By working together, these organizations create a thriving environment that promotes inclusion and opportunities for all.

Remember, your active participation in this community is invaluable. Whether you are a professional working within the DD community, a volunteer, or a supportive family member or friend, your contributions make a difference. Keep up the good work, and together, we can continue to improve the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities.

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