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Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities Applauds GO Concepts for Exceptional IT Leadership

The Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities (UCBDD) is committed to providing quality services and programs for the developmentally disabled in Marysville, Ohio. With a focus on family-driven programs and prioritizing the needs of children, UCBDD recognizes the incredible importance of having secure information technology and reliable support.

To meet their technology needs, UCBDD partnered with GO Concepts, the IT services provider specializing in working with organizations serving individuals with developmental disabilities throughout Ohio. Known for delivering professional information technology services tailored to the specific needs of County Boards of DD and related organizations, GO Concepts has played an instrumental role in providing excellent IT leadership to the UCBDD.

Key Takeaways

  • UCBDD focuses on quality, family-driven programs for individuals with developmental disabilities
  • GO Concepts specializes in IT services for County Boards of DD and organizations within Ohio.
  • The partnership between UCBDD and GO Concepts resulted in strong IT leadership for the board.

Overview of Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities

The Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities (UCBDD) is an organization based in Marysville, Ohio, that provides assistance and support to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Their mission is to empower individuals with developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling lives by promoting self-determination, independence, and inclusion in the community.

Some of the services provided by the UCBDD include:

  • Early intervention
  • Support services
  • Employment services
  • Community Connections
  • Day services and activities
  • Transportation

In addition to working directly with individuals with developmental disabilities, the UCBDD collaborates with numerous local organizations, partners, and stakeholders to enhance services and advocate for the rights of people with developmental disabilities. These partnerships include the Council for Families and Mental Health & Recovery Board of Union County.

Finally, the UCBDD constantly looks for ways to improve the quality and accessibility of its services for individuals with developmental disabilities. One such improvement is their recent praise for GO Concepts. This IT company has provided outstanding IT leadership and support, ensuring the UCBDD remains at the forefront of utilizing technology to serve its community better.

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Partnership with GO Concepts

Identification of IT Leadership Needs

Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities (UCBDD) identified a critical gap in their IT infrastructure that needed to be filled by an expert organization. Their primary requirement was a collaborative IT partner with a deep understanding of developmental disabilities organizations and their unique IT needs.

Selection of GO Concepts for IT Services

After carefully evaluating, UCBDD chose GO Concepts as their IT services partner. With a strong focus on County Boards, Agencies, and Independent Providers for those with developmental disabilities since 2013, GO Concepts has carved out a niche as the leading information technology provider in this sector.

The selection process involved a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) that garnered bids from multiple IT support providers. GO Concepts emerged as the winning candidate due to their:

  • Known expertise in working with Developmental Disabilities (DD) organizations across Ohio.
  • Strong track record of client success stories, as demonstrated by testimonials from other organizations like Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

By partnering with GO Concepts, UCBDD has addressed its IT leadership needs effectively and created a more seamless technological experience for the organization and its stakeholders.

Impact of GO Concepts Leadership

Improvements in IT Infrastructure

Under the leadership of GO Concepts, the Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities experienced significant improvements in its IT infrastructure. The company’s expertise helped identify and address various areas that needed an upgrade. Upgrades included faster network connections, optimized servers, and enhanced data storage solutions. According to a testimonial, GO Concepts’ involvement led to more efficient systems, allowing the Union County Board to serve individuals with developmental disabilities seamlessly.

Enhanced Security Protocols

With cyber threats rising, GO Concepts prioritized the Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities’ IT security. They implemented enhanced security protocols, ensuring the sensitive data of individuals and organizations under their purview remained protected. This included regular security audits, vulnerability assessments, and employee training on security best practices. Thus, the organization gained peace of mind and confidence in their systems’ protection against potential breaches.

Streamlined Communication Systems

Lastly, GO Concepts’ leadership played a crucial role in streamlining the communication systems for the Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities. The company introduced user-friendly and reliable platforms, facilitating improved internal collaboration with their partner agencies. The result significantly reduced communication barriers, enhancing productivity and helping the organization better serve individuals.


GO Concepts has proven to be an excellent IT partner for the Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities (UCBDD) by providing comprehensive and reliable technology solutions. Their dedication to the domain of developmental disabilities can be seen in their strong collaboration with organizations, boards, and agencies that provide these services in Ohio1.

GO Concepts has been in the business since 1997, and in the last 10+ years, they have shown laser-focused commitment to serving County Boards and related organizations. This specialized approach makes them an ideal technology collaborator for the UCBDD, ensuring that the specific needs and requirements of the board are taken care of, as shown in their partnership with the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

  • The Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities:
    • supports individuals by providing comprehensive early learning
    • offers a range of assistance, including educational, therapeutic, and social services
    • aims to improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families through community integration programs.

By staying in tune with the changing needs of organizations serving Ohioians with developmental disabilities, GO Concepts has successfully enabled the UCBDD to strengthen its capacity to plan, coordinate, and deliver services for individuals with developmental disabilities. This partnership between GO Concepts and UCBDD showcases the positive impact of pairing dedicated IT leadership with purpose-driven organizations working tirelessly towards improving their community.

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