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What Would You Do If Your IT Person/Staff Quit Right Now?

Key points in this article:

  • IT staff members in all sectors can and are quitting without notice.
  • The state of the IT job market makes hiring new IT staff members extremely difficult, highly expensive, very time-consuming, and what some have called “next to impossible at this time.”
  • Partnering with GO Concepts is the most direct way to fill gaps in your IT staff…
    – Bringing in the GO Team to Co-Manage your IT with your staff protects you in the long run and means you never have to worry about losing your IT support!

Using the GO Team instead of trying to replace lost staff guarantees you never have the problem again!

We’ve all seen it, heard about it, and many have been impacted by it.  The “great resignation” or “quiet quitting” or “taking less to focus on a passion” or simply the opportunity to earn more, and when it comes to IT, it’s a lot more.  You can’t blame someone for choosing what is best for them, but that means you have to be prepared when/if that time comes.  And it has come or is coming for many organizations and businesses!

Just in August, we had 3 County Boards contact us saying they had lost or were losing their IT staff member.  In September that list grew!  Let that sink in for a moment.  Without much, if any, warning, their IT person was going or simply gone.  Panic and worry are certainly what was expressed to us.

Before you say it can’t or won’t happen to your organization… I say, why can’t it, why won’t it, and based on current data and trends, it may already be in process.  This is just one of the reasons why I have stressed the need to be best prepared.  This exact scenario is why I have preached to any County Board of DD that would listen not just to the value, but the mission critical need to partner with our team at least in a Co-Managed IT relationship.  Not only does that relationship give you a complete team making existing IT staff better, it means you have no worries should they decide to leave.

I continued to implore County Board leadership to stop taking the “nothing has happened yet” approach to your IT or accepting “our IT is ok” as the way things are supposed to be.  IT is not something you just fix once something happens… you are vigilant, you protect it, and you make it the best it can be so something does not happen in the first place.  Your IT team should be in fire prevention mode, not in the fire fighting one!  Also, there is just no reason in 2022 to accept “ok IT,” especially when “great IT” is available to you… please stop settling for less than the best for yourself, your team, your organization, and those you serve!

IT Person Quit

Do You Have An IT Staff Continuity Plan?

IT is the kind of thing that you just expect to work when you go into the office each day. Your computer should turn on without any problems, your email should work without any delays, your IT staff should just resolve issues, etc.

Most people would prefer not to have to think about it at all. That’s why you hire people to do it for you; engineers, help desk support, administrators, etc. With them handling your IT, you and the rest of your staff can focus on important work without unnecessary distractions or complications.

But what if, out of the blue, your IT personnel quit? What would you do then?

It can happen—more than once, GO Concepts has been contacted by multiple local County Boards of DD whose main IT person quit on them without warning. Unfortunately, hiring new IT personnel is easier said than done…

Hiring IT Support Is Getting Harder

As the IT industry continues to grow, the number of skilled workers available to fill the many new positions isn’t keeping up with it.

That’s why cloud computing is one of the most in-demand technical skills in the country, more so than mobile app development and social media marketing. Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment opportunities in the computer and IT sector will grow by 12% in the next ten years, far faster than the average expected rate of job growth.

What about cybersecurity? As the fastest-growing sector of the IT world, cybersecurity skills are in high demand. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an adequate supply. Recent polling performed on behalf of Tripwire found even more troubling evidence.

93% of polled IT security professionals say the skills required to be a great security professional have changed over the past few years, which is making it harder to find properly skilled cybersecurity professionals.

Furthermore, 85% report their security teams are already understaffed, and only 1% believe they can manage all of their organization’s cybersecurity needs when facing a shortage of skilled workers.

Lastly, 96% say they are either currently facing difficulty in staffing security teams due to the skills gap or can see it coming.

What Can You Do To Fill Your Tech Roles?

Instead of trying to hire who you need from the increasingly small and under-compensated tech workforce, you can partner with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like GO Concepts instead. It’s the simplest and most direct way to truly mitigate the realities of the local tech workforce we explored above.

You don’t have to hire, train, manage or directly compensate any internal tech staff… our team simply becomes your team… your IT department.  And it works whether partnering with your existing staff or fully taking over all of your IT needs. Furthermore, by partnering with GO Concepts, you’re not only overcoming your own tech-related challenges, but you’re also contributing to a better workplace for a part of the local tech workforce. We take pride in offering rewarding and well-compensated work for all our team members serving a client base they are truly passionate to support.

GO Concepts Will Fill The Gaps In Your IT Team

If you don’t need to completely outsource your staff, don’t worry. Working with us doesn’t mean you have to fire your current IT team. We can work with your organization to whatever degree works best for you, whether that’s a fully managed arrangement or a co-managed one.

Co-managed IT services allow you and your IT team to take advantage of the expertise and skill offered by our team of IT specialists when needed, without paying expensive salaries or benefits to have them on your staff. To put it simply, your IT person or staff get an entire team available 7-day-a-week and they are experts in exactly what you do and supporting County Boards of DD in Ohio.

It’s an affordable solution that allows you to expand your current IT resources and make sure you always have the tech support you need, no matter what comes up and that includes losing your IT staff. Whatever the IT need, we’re here to help.

GO Concepts Has The IT Resources You Deserve

Never worry about losing your IT team again.  When we say “Don’t worry about IT,” we absolutely mean it!  Our team has the expertise and experience you need to secure, manage, maintain, and plan your critical IT needs. More and more Ohio County Boards of DD are choosing GO Concepts… you should too.  At least give us a call to see how we are helping County Boards across Ohio and how we can help you too.  Get in touch with us to book a free consultation at a time that works for you.

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