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Collin Clawson

Collin Clawson

IT Engineer

“Collin is a great young man and I am really glad to have him on our staff. He has not only demonstrated excellent abilities, but he really cares about our clients and they know it. He is a wonderful member of our team.”

John Gambill Jr, CEO | Co-Founder
  • • What’s your secret talent that no one knows about?
    A: I think people around me pretty much know all of my talents.
  • • What’s your favorite movie?
    A: I don’t have a single favorite but the first that comes to mind is Spirited Away.
  • • What are you passionate about?
    A: Learning new things, solving problems no one else can figure out, music, tech, sleep.
  • • How long have you been working for GO Concepts?
    A: Since July 2019.
  • • What do you do in your spare time?
    A: One of too many hobbies. Gaming, flying quads and planes, listen to music, watch anime, and more.
  • • Which sports team do you root for?
    A: I don’t really watch team sports, but I went to BYU so I would pick them if I was forced to pick one.
  • • Do you play a musical instrument?
    A: I played piano when I was younger, French Horn from 6th-12th grade. I taught myself to play guitar but am just recently trying to pick it back up.
  • • What’s the one piece of advice you would give others about life?
    A: You are free to choose, but you are not free to alter the consequences of your decisions.
  • • If you were doing something else besides this, what would it be?
    A: I have too many rotating interests, it’s probably impossible to say.
  • • Do you volunteer anywhere?
    A: Not currently.
  • • What is the one thing in this world you are most proud of?
    A: I’m not really big on pride, but the most important would be my faith.
  • • Do you prefer Windows or Mac? Why?
    A: Windows, the only platform that provides both freedom and compatibility.
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