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How GO Concepts Can Help During the COVID-19 Outbreak

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, social distancing is in full effect and we know most of our valued clients are working from home. GO Concepts is committed to helping those we serve work remotely during this difficult time. Here’s what we can do to help your organization, not-for-profit, or business not only survive, but thrive right now…

Audit Your Level of Remote Work Readiness

Before embracing a remote workforce, employees will need up-to-date devices, including desktops, laptops, and smartphones, as well as high-quality webcams and headsets. Plus, they’ll need to have an adequate Internet connection with enough bandwidth to stay productive, as well as a wireless network that can handle the increased demand from multiple family members. We can review what’s already in place and make recommendations where and if needed.

Bring Your Team Together with Collaboration Tools

If you’re not already leveraging the right collaboration tools, it’s time to start. Sure, email and mobile devices are great, but they’re not nearly enough to keep your team as effective at home as they are in the workplace. We can help you implement VoIP business phones, Microsoft Teams, and other tools that give you the capability to share documents, video chat, and more.

Keep Your Home Devices Safe Against Cybercrime

You may have already noticed an influx of COVID-19 related phishing attacks. If your team is accessing office resources from home, it’s important to ensure their devices are secure against any sort of threats. We can implement anti-virus software, spam protection, web filtering, multi-factor authentication (2-Factor Authentication), and other safeguards.

Train Your Employees on Best Practices

When your employees are working from home, it’s important that they’re up to date on best practices in terms of cybersecurity and remote work. From using all the features and functionalities within collaboration tools to avoiding links and/or attachments found within phishing attacks, we can provide the training they need.

Move Your Work-Related Applications and Data to the GO Concepts Private Cloud

Once you have the right collaboration tools, it’s time to move your work-related applications and data to the cloud, if you haven’t already. This will give the right employees access to the information they need from home in a reliable, safe and secure manner.

Provide Responsive Remote Support for Your Team

Our team takes pride in our ability to troubleshoot and resolve most technology issues via remote support. If an employee needs assistance updating an application, resetting their password or handling anything else, our team can address their requirements via our remote support platform. And, our Help Desk is available 24x7x365 to take their call or email, get a ticket started, and get them the help they need as quickly as possible.

GO Concepts is here for you during this difficult time. Our team can help you migrate to a remote workforce that’s productive, secure, and ready to come out of this even stronger than before and much more prepared for the future.

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