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How Do I Overcome IT Challenges Facing My Developmental Disabilities Organization?

Up-to-date, secure and cost-effective information technology is vital for developmental disability organizations in Ohio. With the right hardware and software, they can provide individuals the timely and effective services they need and deserve. Yet, many County Boards of DD and other DD-related organizations still face challenges when it comes to properly addressing their IT. We discuss 3 primary reasons below.

1. Outdated Technology

Investing in modern technology may seem like it’s too expensive a proposition. But if you’re using outdated software and hardware, you’re costing your DD organization more than what it would cost to upgrade your IT solutions.

Your computers and software may not be giving you issues yet, but they will. And when they do, they can cost you in lost data, productivity and compliance issues. Using outdated technology will limit your ability to respond to the needs of those relying on your services.

  • Lost Data:  If you’ve updated one software application but not others, chances are they won’t work together as they should. When this happens, you’ve just set yourself up for data loss. Not only is this devastating, but it’s expensive to reproduce data. It’s much more cost effective to keep your software and hardware up-to-date than it is to deal with lost data.
  • Lost Productivity: Without updated technology, your employees will spend time trying to work around issues, or even worse, not be able to work when their computers crash. Outdated technology limits their ability to do their job.
  • Compliance Issues: Outdated technology can affect your DD organization’s compliance standing. Hackers look for systems that are out of date because they’re easier to hack. Security gaps in your technology can have potentially disastrous implications for your HIPAA compliance. Even worse, your DD’s private data (ePHI) can end up on the Dark Web, where criminals sell and trade it.

2. Not Understanding IT Risks

Unless your IT is managed and monitored by an experienced team familiar with your organization’s specific needs, it won’t be protected against today’s new and sophisticated cyber attacks. Remote Management and Monitoring prevents viruses and malware from entering your network and computers. It also performs updates and patches as soon as they’re released. Unless viruses and malware are blocked and eliminated, they can implant themselves in computer systems and send your confidential data to hackers. Protecting your developmental disabilities organization’s network and data is an ongoing and evolving process that requires you to work with an experienced IT solution that is proactive and constantly vigilant. This is not only necessary for the purpose of protecting the confidential health information of the individuals you serve and your staff’s private credentials, but to pass a compliance audit.

3. Viewing IT As A Cost Rather Than A Value

Rather than viewing technology as a costly proposition, you should view it as a critical value driver for your staff and to your entire organization. Current and proper IT solutions will benefit your operational activities. For example, mobile work solutions will increase your employees’ productivity and satisfaction. Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops enabled with secure IT solutions allow employees to safely access your organization’s resources and stay productive wherever they have an internet connection. Depending on your DD organization’s starting point, productivity gains of up to 20 percent can be achieved if you view information technology as a value-based proposition and take advantage of it. Investing in the right information technology can play a critical role in your DD organization’s success.

Overcome These Challenges – Partner With An Award-Winning IT Provider For DD Organizations In Ohio

DD IT ServicesIt can be difficult to determine what Managed IT Services Company you should select for your DD Organization. But CRN and The Channel Company have done the work for you. They conducted a thorough assessment and came up with the 500 Best Managed Service Providers in North America. And, for your peace of mind, GO Concepts is on the list as part of the Pioneer 250 category.

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  3. Security 100: Highlights MSSPs/resellers with a significant managed security service practice.

CRN provides valuable insight and news for the global IT consulting community. Its MSP 500 is an annual list that recognizes North American solution providers with cutting-edge approaches to managed services. You can learn more at https://www.crn.com/.

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