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Modernize the Way You’re Looking at Your Information Technology

In the past, a local technician was all organizations needed – someone to call when issues came up. But now? Times have changed.

In the past, agencies, independent providers, and County Boards of DD could rely on a local technician who would come onsite at the first sign of a technology issue (or at least, as soon as they were available) or a limited staff that had general knowledge and a lot of responsibilities and only so much time.

But now? Times have changed over the past few years, and information technology plays a more important role than ever in helping you support those with developmental disabilities to the best of your ability. You rely on your information technology to get work done and stay productive throughout the day, whether in the office, at home, or out in the field.

Is local the best choice?

Over the past few months, especially during these difficult times, we have spoken with quite a few County Boards of DD who chose a local person or company, then ended up having some second thoughts. From what we’ve seen, even if the response time is great, they’re simply not familiar with the industry and how information technology truly comes into play for your very specific needs. Also, they end up:

  • Dealing with MORE issues due to relying on break/fix support wherein nobody is proactively preventing them from happening
  • Dealing with stress associated with HIPAA as they’re left to handle all aspects of compliance on their own
  • Dealing with a lack of assistance managing their vendors as the local person or company is unfamiliar with them

Fast support and proactive approach

There is a more efficient way for agencies, independent providers, and County Boards of DD looking to manage their information technology, systems, HIPAA compliance, and secure, reliable remote access. Here’s the thing: you have very specific needs, and often, a local provider does not understand those needs and cannot provide the support you need proactively. They are just not large enough, experienced enough, or focused enough on exactly what you do and what your mission is at your organization.

GO Concepts is the only company completely dedicated to working with those serving the developmentally disabled throughout Ohio. That is our ONLY focus… it is what we do, and we believe we do it very well! Just ask any of our County Board clients. We know the vendors you work with, the industry-specific regulations you must adhere to, HIPAA and how it impacts you, and the importance of achieving greater efficiency, which comes from:

  • Using innovative solutions that improve the way you serve disabled individuals and their families
  • Relying on around-the-clock monitoring and regular maintenance that keeps your systems functioning properly
  • Enjoying a lower cost associated with your information technology via our relationships with vendors in the industry

What does a proactive approach entail?

A proactive approach involves various measures designed to minimize any sort of issues and downtime. Ironically, many organizations in the developmental disabilities field seek out a local person or company because they are struggling with consistent issues getting in the way of productivity. But here’s the thing: there should never be consistent issues. One way of thinking about it is that we do not look to wait to put out fires, we work to do our very best to prevent them from ever occurring in the first place! That’s a big part of what a well-run Managed Service Provider (MSP) does for you.

GO Concepts offers Managed IT and Co-Managed IT services at a flat-rate monthly fee – incorporating various measures that proactively prevent issues from happening, keep sensitive data secure, allow you to reliably work remotely, and ultimately, keep you productive:

  • Data backup and business continuity
  • Help desk support
  • Around-the-clock monitoring
  • Regular maintenance
  • Cloud services
  • Cybersecurity solutions
  • HIPAA Compliance assistance
  • And much more

GO Concepts is owned and operated in Ohio, working with several County Boards of DD from small to large. We’re strategically situated to provide Managed IT services for County Boards of DD across the great State of Ohio. Get in touch with us now to find out how we can assist you with your information technology and to secure your start date as slots are filling quickly. Call (513) 934-8235.

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