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The State Of IT For DD Organizations — Challenges, Expectations, Solutions in 2022

Working remotely may be medically safer during something like the coronavirus pandemic, but maintaining productivity and staying secure while you do so are always a concern. Are you and your organization really ready for what the 2022 and beyond workplace entails?

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused many organizations to adopt a long-term remote work model with some stating they plan to have staff continue to work from home even after the pandemic-related restrictions subside. And it’s not just the pandemic, as all at once during 2021 some 73% of the country dealt with the impact of some sort of snow, ice, or a combination, with many severely impacted.

Working remotely has become a required skill and expectation, especially for those involved in providing essential services.  Whether your organization is changing its model to allow employees to work from home, actually requiring them to do so, or it’s being forced to due to these difficult influences, it is mission critical to properly plan, implement, and maintain a secure, reliable information technology infrastructure to allow everyone access to needed data and applications, which are as safe as possible from the ongoing and growing cybersecurity threats.

Managing remote work in the long term isn’t easy for County Boards and DD-related organizations and businesses.  As we continue working in a pandemic-impacted world, it’s important for you to make sure you’re aware of and prepared for the many challenges that come with doing so.

Challenges DD Organizations Will Face In 2022

Developing Long-Term Remote Cybersecurity

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, it hit fast. Despite what, in retrospect, may have seemed like a gradual build-up, it was virtually over the course of a single weekend in March 2020 that businesses and organizations across the US had to pivot to a remote work model.

Obviously, the first priority was maintaining operational continuity. You needed to make sure your newly remote workers had the technology and the remote access necessary to do their work.

But the process doesn’t end there – security is a complicated undertaking for remote work models. In fact, 36% of organizations have dealt with a security incident due to an unsecured remote worker.

Continuing with a remote work model, whether entirely or in part, will require:

  • Enhancing security measures
  • Providing the right hardware for users working permanently from home
  • Implementing more permanent file-sharing and collaboration tools

Arranging For Responsive Remote Support

In addition to cybersecurity, all other IT-based aspects of the remote work environment need to be supported as well. It’s critical that you now have access to robust remote support for IT issues big and small.

While, at the start of the pandemic, you may have been limited to support for only the most critical of problems, it’s been more than a year and a half since then. At this point, you should have access to remote services that can assist with anything that comes up.

From minor issues to major problems, anything that occurs with your organization’s IT should be supported seamlessly and efficiently — essentially, just as it would have been if the pandemic had never happened.

Maintaining And Boosting Productivity

The pandemic has critically affected all organizations’ abilities to generate revenue, which is why, now more than ever, you need to be looking for opportunities to become more productive. This means optimizing your team’s remote work environments.

The ability to communicate quickly and effectively with your team is a vital part of the modern working world, especially during the pandemic. At this point in the COVID-19 pandemic, you should have a communication solution you rely on in place for your organization, but that’s not to say it can’t be improved. You’ve likely had to incorporate a range of solutions, such as a video meeting platform, file sharing service, and more.

Similarly, you need the right file-sharing or cloud-based solutions to ensure your team can collaborate efficiently on their work. If you’re still attaching files to emails to share them, then you’re living in the past.

The bottom line is that communication and collaboration are foundational to productivity and continuity, whether you’re in the office or not. Whether you and your team can communicate effectively while working from home comes down to the tools you have in place.

Hardware Availability Due to Global Chip Shortage

We have all seen the empty lots of new car dealers, the lack of options in electronic devices, and the inability to obtain new computers.  No industry that relies on technology has been insulated from the global chip shortage.  While this is starting to ease and we are seeing things start to be available, it will continue well into 2022, if not 2023 due to backlog and demand.  We are advising our clients to work on proper planning and getting orders in place early, so as stock comes available, it can be obtained.  And, be prepared for higher pricing!  Supply, demand, inflation, shipping, increased labor costs, are all contributing to current and planned price increases.

Staffing – Acquisition and Retention

This issue is impacting every business and organization throughout the country.  Ongoing demand, downward forces, and options available all point to this not easing any time soon.  We are no staffing experts, but we do know providing your team members with the best, most reliable, most secure IT solutions available, along with incredibly knowledgeable and friendly support goes a long way to reducing stress levels, improving their work experience, ensuring they have what they need when they need it, which when all taken together, supports overall good mental health.

Having a Secure, Reliable, and Trusted Cloud Solution

This is no longer a recommendation.  It is essential for all organizations to have a secure, reliable, and trusted cloud solution in order to properly and responsibly deliver their services.  The best, most efficient County Board organizations have this in place and their staff, along with the individuals they serve, enjoy and appreciate the benefits every day.  One of the most secure, reliable, easy to use solutions available today is our IT for DD Virtual Data Center solution, housed in our Private Cloud.  It also includes a complete built-in data back-up, data retention, and disaster recovery solution for your organization, while meeting your HIPAA compliance needs.

Are You Looking For Experts in IT for DD Organizations?

If you’re unsure about how to address these challenges, GO Concepts can definitely help. We are the only company in Ohio 100% focused on supporting DD-related organizations and businesses with all their IT needs.  You can learn more at www.ITforDD.com.

With years of experience assisting DD-related organizations and businesses with remote access and secure, reliable private cloud solutions, this past year has reinforced our philosophy of proper preparedness and planning.  We have extensive experience in helping DD-related organizations and businesses launch, optimize, and secure remote work capabilities. If you were part of the rush to go remote or have questions / concerns about what you have in place, now is the best time to perfect your processes.  And, you don’t have to do so alone… you have an expert right here in Ohio who understands the mission and needs of your organization.

Get in touch with the GO Concepts team today to get started at sales@ITforDD.com or 513-934-2800 x.235 or visit www.ITforDD.com for more information.

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